Palmare Collaborates with MoonXBT!

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Palmare is thrilled to announce partnership with MoonXBT, the world’s first social cryptocurrency trading platform.

Project Overview

MoonXBT focuses on “fair price, outstanding liquidity, and low trading fees,” according to its website. MoonXBT has become popular among new investors because you can start trading with just 1USD for reasonable transaction fees.

More importantly, with the social features of MoonXBT, people can freely post on the forum and add comments, and conversations can be translated to any language in real-time. One of the most fun parts is Trading Battle, where everyone can create a battle, and everyone can participate in the battle at a low entry charge. People can also create private battles and invite their friends and followers to participate.

MoonXBT – The First Social Trading Platform

MoonXBT trading platform is based on the idea of taking your investment to the moon while enjoying social benefits, their headquarter is located in the Cayman Islands, has offices across East Asia, and their team includes experts in secure trading systems.

It offers investment products such as spot trading, futures, warrant options, social trading, advanced features, and additional information. They have a range of features compared to other trading exchanges and has offered users several benefits since 2021.

One of the major reasons that they can take your investments to the moon is MoonXBT’s liquid contract. MoonXBT’s liquid contract allows a trader to place a margin of as much as 5000 USDT and to trade with up to 100 times leverage. And the orders can usually be filled in milliseconds. Compared to the 2000 USDT margin and up to 20 times leverage of exchanges such as Binance, MoonXBT delivers almost 12.5 times of liquidity which can maximize your trading profit, i.e. take your investments to the moon.

Features of MoonXBT

Besides the above, MoonXBT is also equipped with other features that give users more reason to choose the platform.

Demo Mode

MoonXBT allows new and experienced traders to try liquid contract trading, derivatives trading, copy trading, or the trading battle through the new demo mode. One of the benefits of the their liquid contract trading platform is its fast trading procedure and user-friendly UI. It also has a multi-screen trading view feature and allows users to test out strategies.

Low Risk

Risk is a part of any trading system. The risk control system of MoonXBT uses Artificial Intelligence to limit your digital assets to reduce risks. Users can trade with low risks through liquid contracts trading in the global spot market. The social trading platform provides genuine investment advice to new and advanced investors. MoonXBT also allows warrant options, which are similar to American options but have a greater liquidity and transaction procedure.

High Security

To keep your digital assets highly secure, the MoonXBT team cooperates with fire block and gives the investors the benefit of it ( Investors focusing on trading are assured of a complete security protocol that maintains safety. MoonXBT anchors the best price in the spot market in real-time, based on spot prices on several leading crypto exchanges across the world, to lower the possibility of malevolent contract market manipulation.

Professional Multi-Screen Trading

The options trading site also has the ease of the multi-screen trading view. Users can access various liquid contracts trading views from the multi-screen option.

Exclusive Rewards for New Users

MoonXBT offers 100x leverage for smaller crypto coins. It also provides exclusive rewards along with the fair price of liquid contracts. Users get MoonXBT points, excellent liquidity, and the total prize pool at a low fee rate.

Low Entry (1 USDT to Open a Position)

Investors can tap into Moonxbt trading at a very reasonable entry price. Compared to other options trading platforms, the reasonable prices have amassed many users.

New Users Amazing Benefits

If you are a newcomer at MoonXBT, then you don’t have to bother about predicting the spot market. The information and tools required are available on the website, making selection simpler for newcomers. You can quickly increase or reduce the options for your digital asset.

The low trading fees, reasonable prices, high liquidity, multi-signature, and MoonXBT points are great for any newcomer. Doing trade tasks is another way to get points. Finally, recommending other users is the third way to earn MoonXBT points. All of the points can then be used to offset transaction fees, allowing for more efficient trading.

About Palmare

Palmare is a Community-driven Web3 Sports App with an inbuilt SocialFi and SportFi element.

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About MoonXBT

MoonXBT is the world’s first social cryptocurrency trading platform, focusing on the deep integration of trading and social interaction. At present, they provide contract trading, social interaction, and one-click copy trading services for global Pro-traders.

MoonXBT’s headquarters are in the Cayman Islands, with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

Website | Twitter




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