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MetaOne partners with Era7 a playable NFT card game, allowing players to experience the happiness and economic value enabled by GameFi with a very low threshold of entry.

Era7 is an addictive yet state-of-the-art card-trading game that uses a groundbreaking new gaming method. With the perfect combination of fighting and strategy, this game becomes thrillingly immersive and is split up into separate three-minute games.

Players can combine the cards in their own card library in different ways to ensure that their deck is as strong as possible. They can play either PVE or PVP by deploying and playing cards.

Different cards have different effects, and whether we’re talking about Common or Legendary cards, players will be keen to collect them all. Players will be tasked not only to watch their own deck but also to carefully observe the movements and positioning of their opponents.

This provides the player with an incentive to practice and develop their in-game skills over time while receiving fantastic brain training akin to that received by chess players. Only, this training is manifested in skillfully using heroes to ride thousands out to the battlefield.

MetaOne simplifies onboarding and NFT processes, enabling a massive gamers community with extensive gaming data analytics from games to gamers level, and provides a high assurance NFT assets management platform to the gaming metaverse.

How to earn as MetaOne Guild

  • Guild players generate revenue by playing games, and the guild will have a profit-sharing among the guild’s gamers.
  • The guild leader can lease the guild’s NFT assets to players to obtain rent or game revenue share.
  • Platform token airdrop from MetaOne
  • Staking income from holding MetaOne tokens
  • Revenues from airdrops and NFT discounts from MetaOne’s game partners


MetaOne is one platform that commits to “Gaming Guilds As A Service”. It is the largest SAAS to onboard massive games and guilds onto blockchain gaming. Created by Gamers, MetaOne offers unparalleled transparency and functionality. Add value to all the key stakeholders in the Gamefi space.

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Era7: Game of Truth is a virtual world, built on Web3.0, that runs parallel to the real one. Functioning as a vast and traversable online world with monetary assets, social methods, and complete spatial perception and physical rules. It’s not only independent of the real world but complementary to it

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