DeSpace Partnership With ZenFarm

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DeSpace partnership With ZenFarm, Binance Chain’s premiere all-in-one DeFi and NFT ecosystem. Like DeSpace, ZenFarm sees the potential of connecting decentralized financial services and NFTs in a single ecosystem connected by a community-focused crypto token.

ZenFarm offers users farming, lending and borrowing services, allowing them to earn $ZFT for doing so. Borrowers using ZenFarm have access to over-collateralized loans while depositors who provide liquidity to the ecosystem are rewarded with passive income. ZenFarm is launching a range of high-utility NFTs alongside a powerful NFT marketplace that uses $ZFT as its default currency.

To kick off this partnership, ZenFarm will be adding liquidity to their AMM DEX, DeSwap — launching soon on BNB Chain. ZenFarm and Despace will also be exploring an NFT collection collaboration that will be launched through one of DeSpace’s NFT pads.

About ZenFarm

ZenFarm is the first blockchain ecosystem combining both decentralized finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on one platform, powered by Binance Chain. ZenFarm platform’s own governance and utility token $ZFT enables users to earn savings when paying transaction fees.

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About DeSpace Protocol

DeSpace Protocol is the most advanced DeFi and NFT navigation tool to date. They empower users with a range of DeFi and NFT products from around the crypto ecosystem. Including their own products, all from a single interface. DeSpace supported by DeChain, our Layer-2 blockchain solution that connects the disparate chains and allows easy transactions across several bridges. Every time a user transacts, they are rewarded with DES, our native token which also unlocks a massive amount of utility within the platform.

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