Yetubit Partnership with Founder Luanda

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Yetubit Partnership with Founder Institute Luanda for the launch of Yetubit’s Yetoshi Wakanda Club Collection.

The purpose of the partnership between the two companies is to exchange ideas and network, thus allowing more people and companies to have access to the YWC NFTs collection that is currently under construction. As Yetubit announced its partnership with Founder Luanda.

In addition, the partnership will allow for the introduction of Founder Institute companies to the WEB 3 Universe, starting with the Yetoshi collection and later with the launch of the Yetubit exchange, scheduled to be launched later this year.

What does Founder Institute Luanda offers

  • FI Core Program – It pushes founders at the idea and pre-seed stages to reach the milestones needed for investment and sustained growth.

  • Founder Lab – After completing FI Core, Alumni get free access to a series of additional virtual advisory programs to guide them towards their next major business milestones.

  • FI Venture Network 


About Founder Institute Luanda:

FILuanda is part of the Founder Institute Global Network; an American, Silicon Valley-based, business education incubator with a startup launch program founded in California in 2009.

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About Yetuswap

YetuSwap is the decentralized PAN-Afrikan protocol that works without a ledger. In- stead of a ledger, YetuSwap uses a model called automated market making – (AMM), in which liquidity providers add funds to liquidity pools. Despite being an exchange with Pan-Afrikan design, anyone regardless of origin can be part of the protocol. As a Pan-African Decentralized exchange, YetuSwap has as reference the richest man of all time, the Malian King called Mansa Musa.







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