DTools Collaboration with Port3 Network

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DTools Collaboration with Port3 Network, a platform that building a social data gateway to Web3 by unlocking community profiling.

Dtools (Decentralized Tools) is the next generation of Web3 ALL-IN-ONE tools. It supports all major operating systems, including MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Including various functional modules and a unique plugin ecosystem based on decentralized technology. As DTools announced its collaboration with Port3 Network.

DTools Modules

  • Assets Management – Dtools support connection to various major wallet plugins, including MetaMask, Phantom, etc. And can perform comprehensive asset queries and management on many chains such as Eth, Polygon, BSC, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, Arweave, etc. The data dimension includes token, NFT and on-chain activity records, etc. It also supports highly customizable portfolio bundles, which can add rich asset portfolios and addresses.

  • Dapps Management – All Dapps support one-click direct access through a high-performance desktop search engine, which solves the problem that traditional browser favorites are challenging to manage.

  • On-chain Monitoring – With the ultra-large-scale data processing technology, the contract unit of token/NFT as the dimension supports users to highly customize the monitoring of key indicators such as the number of positions, prices, TVL and other key indicators on multiple chains.

  • Plugin Ecosystem – With their subsequent investment in research and development, they will maintain a fixed frequency of plugin updates. And fully open the plugin system soon. Developers looking to build Web3 tools are welcome to join them to create more value and share the economic and ecological benefits of Dtools together.

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About Port3 Network

In the Web2 world, user data exists on different platforms in isolation and cannot be reached easily by the users, while on Web3 networks, on-chain user activities can be captured and stored in a ‘decentralized’ way, meaning that Web3 users have full ownership of their data instead of giving out data for free. Recognizing the numerous benefits that Web3 brings about, they have created Port3 Network.

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