Snake City partners with Crabada

Published on: 05.08.2022
Snake City Partner with Crabada

Snake City partners with Crabada, a play-and-earn idle game based in a world filled with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada (the NFTs). 

All Crabada live on the blockchain so players have full control of their assets. All gameplay interactions on Crabada are processed on-chain transparently, including RNG. The descendants of the six crab factions are powerful warriors from a past era. Each with unique strengths and abilities which are inherited through breeding.

CRA is a governance token that is rewarded via staking, and playing the game during the incentive period. TUS is the in-game currency earned via playing the Idle and Battle game in the form of Mining, Looting, and Lending Crabs via the Tavern.

TUS can be earned through gameplay, or bought via DEX.

Welcome to the Snake City world

The Game takes place in the future world where modern biotechnology is super developed with astonishing achievements and inventions in human history.

It all started in a lab in the jungle Amazon. Scientists had discovered a substance inside the snake’s brain that would be able to give human-like intelligence to the snake when combining that substance with a man-made substance.

The intelligence and the size of the snake had developed at an unexpected speed which concerned the scientists. They had to come up with the decision to cancel the research and to kill all of the snakes as well as destroy all the samples because of the threatening risks.

Snake City Gameplay

Training Mode

In the Training Mode, the players can select one of the challenges from Easy to Super to practice with the bots and earn rewards in a $TOC token. The more difficulty the challenge, the more rewards and experience points you can achieve if you win.

Battle Arena

In the Arena Battle, players control their Snake Hero to fight against other players in order to win rewards in the game. Each Snake will have a default 2 free turns to play and an option to buy 1 more turn per day by $TOC token.


The idea behind the tournament gameplay mode is simple: Each player buys a ticket and gets one slot in the game. Most of the fees collected from participation will be used for rewarding the top 3 players on the ranking board. Therefore, this will be very fun and challenging where users are skin in the game to play against each other.


On the Freezone mode, players will not need to invest, no need to buy anything. When starting, the players will use their skills to kill other snakes and accumulate as many points as possible to stay on top of the leaderboard. Free-to-play does not mean that there are no rewards for players. We have an allocated pool of rewards specifically for this gameplay mode.

Discovery Mode

In this gameplay, players will use their Snakes to discover the city maps with many local famous places to collect NFT shards. By matching them, they can redeem full NFT with big value.

Sponsor Events

In each event, the Snake City team will provide a unique design for all the in-game elements that represent our partners’ characteristics which bring a new look and different kinds of rewards for the players.

ABOUT Snake City

SnakeCity is a GameFi built on Avalanche Network. Similar to other games, it allows players to earn tokens and sell them. Additionally, we have a market for players to exchange, buy and sell NFTs.

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ABOUT Crabada

Crabada is the first fully decentralized Play-and-Earn Idle game. Offers a fun and exciting experience with its diverse ecosystem and simplified game mechanics. Crabada’s core gameplay includes activities such as Mining, Looting, and Breeding using Crabada (NFT assets)

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Snake City

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