ApeSwap Integration with Chainlink Keepers

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ApeSwap Integration with Chainlink Keepers, simplifying vault compounding and improving efficiency for users and the protocol.

BANANA Maximizer vaults are auto-compounding vaults that operate on top of BANANA Farms to take BANANA rewards and compound them automatically. Moreover, this saves users the trouble of needing to manually compound their BANANA. As a result of ApeSwap announced its integration with Chainlink Keepers.

How ApeSwap integrated Chainlink Keepers

Once they deployed their “Keepers-compatible” contract, they registered it via the Chainlink Keepers dashboard.

After pasting in the address of the Keeper contract, the Chainlink Keepers Network verified that the contract is Keepers-compatible  and it brought them to the “Register new Upkeep” page.

  • Gas limit: It’s important to set this value accurately, or Keeper transactions may not be sent. On the extreme side, if this value is too high, your Keeper may unnecessarily consume a large amount of LINK.

  • Check data: This is important to set if you need to pass data into the checkUpkeep function, otherwise it should be left blank.

Creating your Keepers-Compatible Contract

Furthermore, they decided that a simple way to integrate Keepers into the Maximizer Vault contracts would be to create a new contract that extends the original Vault contract.

This approach has several benefits:

  1. The original MaximizerVaultApe contract can be deployed without the Keeper extension if desired.
  2. The new KeeperMaximizerVaultApe contract can access the internal functions from MaximizerVaultApe to be able to provide compound functionality.
  3. The @chainlink KeeperCompatible contract can be imported into this new contract separating concerns from the main vault contract.

Integration results

Moreover, Chainlink Keepers removed the requirement for ApeSwap to run and manage a centralized server to send compound transactions.

As a result of integrating Chainlink Keepers, they are saving hundreds of hours of time for their users.

Moreover, they chose Chainlink Keepers as they are fairly easy to implement with well supported documentation and code examples. Furthermore, they created a smooth UX with their Keepers interface on both BNB Chain mainnet and testnet to set up and manage Keepers. As a result, Chainlink also has a very nice testnet faucet for obtaining LINK to test Keepers. Furthermore, this is a very useful and overlooked developer feature!


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Automate your smart contracts using Chainlink Keepers, the decentralized and highly reliable smart contract automation service.

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