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PathDAO partners with DGP ( D.G. Pals) a key component in the wider D.G. Verse! Backed by CDC, Spartan Group, and various VCs including a notable toy collectibles company such as Mighty Jaxx, it is an ambitious GameFI project with a strong team of veteran game developers, serial entrepreneurs, and game industry executives.

The World of Panterra

The parallel world of Panterra sees both D.G. Pals and explorers co-exist as the two dominant species. As part of a longstanding tradition, explorers and D.G. Pals first begin bonding in the New World Programme, embarking on a journey of discovery that will take them across the world.

Traversing the diverse world of Panterra, they will visit towns and cities, wander the wilderness and discover various locations across the world. History, mystery, and adventure await would-be explorers, together with their D.G. Pals.

Hatch D.G.Eggs and venture into the D.G.Verse

In D.G.P: New World, players can hatch D.G.Eggs and then watch them grow in a sunny, tranquil farm environment. Incubate your eggs and evolve your D.G. Pals in the New World Island. The game runs on idle mechanics so you will not need to constantly maintain your farm around the clock, and you will get updates about the latest happenings and events, making it the perfect casual game.

Once the D.G.Pals are certified to leave the New World Island, explorers can bring their D.G.Pals to compete in the Arena of Legends, which pits the strongest and most competitive D.G.Pals against each other in a glorious battle. Each team consists of five D.G.Pals, with each member possessing different strengths and weaknesses based on the six egg types, with stats also affecting performance during battles. As D.G.Pals participate in battles, they will level up and gain increased stats and unlock talent tree skills.

“Having played Pokemon growing up, the idea of diving into a similar 32-bit world on the blockchain is a dream. Furthermore, the planned D.G. Verse is something we believe has huge growth potential, and I’m honestly excited to see where this goes!” — Jansen Teng, Co-Founder of PathDAO.

Two more games, D.G.P: Plaza — a virtual town where players can socialize and trade, and D.G.P: Adventure — an SLG x Tower Defence hybrid, are slated to be released by the end of 2022 and Q1 2023 respectively, rounding off the D.G. Verse.

“We are very happy to have PathDAO’s support and to be working together closely to create a sustainable Web3 gaming ecosystem for the community. There is so much to look forward to, driving and unlocking the vast potential of GameFi collectively!” — Samson Oh, co-founder of D.G.Pals

PathDAO Invest In D.G. Pals

As the first game to launch on Cronos, PathDAO believes D.G.Pals has a big first-mover advantage in the market. This gives it tremendous upside, especially if the game quickly gains traction and grows its user base, which it has already shown signs of.

Backed by strong industry players, the main investment round was led by Capital, Spartan Group, FineWill Cap, and Mighty Jaxx. It is also part of the inaugural US$100m-backed Cronos Accelerator Program, which indicates further validation of the great work D.G.Pals is doing!


PathDAO is a digital society that welcomes all gamers regardless of background. In addition to becoming self-sovereign, the Path Nation aims to become the largest gaming community in web3 where gamers can pursue what they love doing in pursuit of prosperity and fulfillment.

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D.G.Pals is a platform that enables indie game developers. It is a community of gamers that share their ideas freely. It is an ecosystem that creates opportunities for gamers and developers alike.

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