Impossible LP Rewards — Wirtual

Published on: 22.08.2022
Impossible LP Rewards — Wirtual

Impossible LP Rewards — Wirtual, an exercise-to-earn application, will be Impossible’s first LP Rewards project.

Up to 450,000 WIRTUAL tokens in rewards are available for participants during the campaign! Wirtual users will be able to compete in running, walking, swimming and biking as a group, or create customized challenges. For this LP Rewards campaign, you will be able to get free WIRTUAL token rewards by staking WIRTUAL-BUSD LP tokens on Impossible. The campaign will continue for a total of 6 months.

LP Rewards Staking:
Staking starts: 21/06/2022 02:00PM UTC
— Staking ends: 18/12/2022 02:00PM UTC

How to participate:

Users that have passed KYC are eligible and encouraged to stake your WIRTUAL-BUSD LP token for the entirety of the campaign period to maximize your WIRTUAL token rewards.


WIRTUAL is an application that promotes an active lifestyle for its users. Join challenges in running, walking, swimming and biking, where users can compete in terms of speed and distance. Users can also have competitions as a group, or create their own custom challenge.

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