LootMogul and Aftermath Islands Metaverse Multi-chain Partnership

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LootMogul and Aftermath Islands Metaverse have announced a multi-chain metaverse partnership that will expedite the adoption of blockchain gaming for sports organizations and athletes and truly deliver an immersive sports fans experience.

Both Projects are creating a new virtual island dedicated to sports gaming. And are creating unique customized Avatars for celebrities, collegiate and professional athletes allowing them to engage in Web 3 activities and the Metaverse.

“LootMogul is super excited about this partnership as it will help the global sports community to scale their identity across chains and will drive hyper fan adoption with avatars and personalized lands – create, secure. And customize your digital version with your real-world avatar benefits,” said Raj Rajkotia, CEO, LootMogul.

“We are very excited to partner with LootMogul to accelerate their Metaverse activities and bring their programs, celebrities and athletes to Aftermath Islands,” said David Lucatch, Managing Director, Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited. “Today, more than ever, it is imperative that brands and personalities stake their value in blockchain and Metaverse activities as they become the next level of consumer engagement.”

Aftermath Islands recently announced a USD $25 million milestone commitment from global investment group LDA Capital. The acquisition of the assets and IP of the Meta Hero Project, and partnerships with Meta Yachts and Lux Lions.

Aftermath Islands is led by an experienced group of entrepreneurs, designers, and developers.

About LootMogul

LootMogul is an athlete-led sports metaverse (web 3 platform) that is powered by virtual real estate, training academies, blockchain games, commerce (NFTs), and in-real-life (IRL) rewards. LootMogul is expanding the web3 community by bringing web 2 gamers and sports fanatics to the metaverse.

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About Aftermath Islands Metaverse

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is an open-world, realistic graphic virtual world. Where users can buy, develop, trade, and sell Virtual Land (VL), property. And items using in-game collectible NFTs.  The platform is built on the philosophy of decentralization and economic.\ I\inclusivity and promises to provide captivating experiences. That allow people around the world to earn their way into virtual land ownership.

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