SubQuery Network Supports InvArch

Published on: 12.09.2022
SubQuery Network Supports InvArch

SubQuery partners with InvArch, which is setting out to be the leading-edge layer-1 network for the creators economy in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems.

InvArch provides a new foundation through its powerful NFT primitives & DAO solutions. SubQuery Network Supports InvArch designed to not only allow development of new products but also to enable new ways of creators’ collaboration.

The Tinkernet Parachain is the canary network of the InvArch Network. It’s designed as the IP Asset & accelerated development staging grounds for the Kusama ecosystem.

Realising how vast & complex new dApps could be on InvArch & Tinkernet. Invarch team wanted to make sure that developers had access to the proper tooling.

SubQuery and InvArch started working together to ensure fast and easy access to vast amounts of data. SubQuery Network Supports InvArch, it is vital for the InvArch network developers to build complex leading-edge dApps. InvArch’s main goal was to ensure that developers had access to the proper tooling. It’s allowed them to build using the powerful data primitives provided by the networks. The ability to do this is not an inherent feature of blockchains and SubQuery offered a strong solution to this problem.

SubQuery allows developers to quickly build databases for their dApps using on-chain data found on InvArch. Developers can quickly index and organise data for their applications, and access it even faster. While InvArch is a new world of foundation-changing solutions and data, SubQuery is the crucial bridge that allows developers to quickly access the resources.

The integration between SubQuery and InvArch went smoothly thanks to InvAvrch team engagement, the open-source nature of SubQuery and technical support from the SubQuery team.

About InvArch

InvArch is a leading-edge layer-1 blockchain that is built to support and empower the future creator economy by providing a new foundation through its powerful NFT primitives & DAO solutions. It allows new products of development to take flight but also changes how individuals and teams can develop together. InvArch is building on the Substrate blockchain framework. It launches on the Polkadot ecosystem as a Parachain.

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About SubQuery

SubQuery is a blockchain developer toolkit facilitating the construction of Web3 applications of the future. A SubQuery project is a complete API to organise and query data from Layer-1 chains. Currently servicing Polkadot, Substrate, Avalanche, Algorand, Terra, and Cosmos projects, this data-as-a-service allows developers to focus on their core use case and front-end without wasting time building a custom backend for data processing activities. In the future, the SubQuery Network intends to replicate this scalable and reliable solution in a completely decentralised manner.



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