Alpha Venture DAO August Summary

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Alpha Venture DAO August Summary: Homora launched successfully on Optimism,  the newest product ZAAP release, Incubation program Demo Day.

Homora V2 now live on Optimism

Homora V2 has arrived on Optimism as the first L2 chain to expand to! Alpha Venture DAO August Summary, The month of August has been mainly dedicated to this launch as they have a lot in store to share. For full details, users can read more here.

They have prepared quite a lot exciting events for this launch including:

Discord Restructuring

The team has also been looking for ways to restructure our Homora channel on Discord to best reflect the needs of users. Alpha Venture DAO August Summary, They have updated the channels with several key changes:

  • Condensed into 3 main channels for Homora-related topics
  • #Chat: for all-things related to this and place for all Homora members of different levels and chains to meet and interact with one another
  • #Dev-lounge: this channel will be dedicating to developers who are interested in interacting with Homora on the contract level for various purposes
  • #Help-and-support: this channel will be dedicating to let users raise any issues/bugs encountered. While using it and for them to provide direct help to resolve the issue.
  • New role to keep updated on Homora-related announcements
  • They understand that some community members joined community mainly for it, thus they have created a separate news channel specifically for news. To not miss out on news, users are encouraged to get a role to gain access through #get-a-role channel.


They have successfully soft launched the newest product ZAAP, the first step in bringing in traditional artists to the NFT space. While giving collectors a wider range of art to explore. This soft launch allows them to market-test product from the tech and user-experience perspectives.Alpha Venture DAO August Summary, once it goes under the full-launch, ZAAP will aim to bridge new faces to the space. By working directly with art distributors and providing the tools and guidance needed for them to successfully launch collections on the blockchains. Read more about vision on ZAAP here, Soft Launching ZAAP – a Swiss Army Knife for NFT Projects.

About Alpha Venture DAO (Previously Alpha Finance Lab)

A Builders’ DAO. They explore and innovate at the fringes of Web3 and drive significant value to Web3 users, and ultimately, alpha returns to the Alpha community.

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