Rango & Evmos Integration

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Rango announced the strategic integration with Evmos as a new Cosmos-sdk chain to its supporting blockchains.

This integration will bring the seamless swap from Evmos to all other blockchains or vice versa; hence Rango can play a strategic role in mass adoption for the Evmos ecosystem.

With modular EVM and cosmos scalability, developers can create Defi with the depth of Ethereum and the breadth of Cosmos.

About Evmos

Evmos is an Ethereum-compatible PoS blockchain built using Cosmos SDK.

Early in 2016, Ethermint was a platform aiming to support Ethereum. But following the launch of IBC in 2021, Ethermint rebranded to Evmos(EVM+Cosmos). EVMOS has an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). That enables decentralized interoperability between Ethereum-based applications and the Cosmos ecosystem. Rango & Evmos Integration, including Cosmos, Osmosis, and others. With Evmos, anyone has access EVM compatibility on Cosmos chains. Users can process their regular Ethereum transactions, Defi, Dapps, and NFTs within a Tendermint environment using Cosmos ecosystem-like scalability and speed. The connection allows developers to deploy their applications in a low-cost gas environment. Rango & Evmos Integration, while expanding their target market to the well-developed Ethereum ecosystem.

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About Rango Exchange

Rango Exchange ($RANGO) is the most powerful multi-chain platform for DEX and bridges all around the crypto world, based on reachability and support of top blockchains. It doesn’t matter where the user is and where he or she wants to go; Rango will be able to find the most secure, fast, and easy path for it. Currently, Rango supports more than +40 blockchains, 12+ bridges/DEXes, and 6 different wallets, with a modern and user-friendly UX in the market.

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