NitroLeague Partnership with Baby Moon

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NitroLeague Partnership with Baby Moon, integrating the main characteristics and game elements of both Nitro League and BabyMoon in each project.

BabyMoon Gaming House is a guild for the next generation of games on the blockchain. Given that Web3 gaming has been growing despite the present market difficulties, this alliance couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Their partnership will include integrating the main characteristics and game elements of both Nitro League and BabyMoon in each project. As NitroLeague announced its Partnership with Baby Moon.

The Partnership

They share BabyMoon’s vision of a community-driven platform that allows its users to learn and be an active participant in the Web 3 ecosystem. They want to be able to reach out to the next generation of gamers and help them on-board in this new era of gaming. As gaming platforms, they both recognize how crucial it is to include their communities in the process of accomplishing their objectives. BabyMoon places a high value on innovation and adaptation, and Nitro League shares this value.

“Community, innovation, and adaptability are the main pillars of BabyMoon Gaming House Guild. With this solid mindset, we can build things that would have been impossible to achieve by ourselves. Alone I can go fast, with BGH we go far.”


About BabyMoon

BabyMoon Gaming House is a guild for the next-gen games on the blockchain with a focus on Play To Earn and metaverse gaming experiences.

BGH is a community-driven platform allowing users to learn more about the Web 3 gaming ecosystem by:

  • Competing in the E-sports scene
  • Teaching our community about the potential of blockchain
  • Creating educational materials to explain Play-2-Earn’s various components, from the most fundamental to the most complicated.

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About Nitro League

Play-to-earn racing game Nitro League combines fantastic gameplay, token economies, and the metaverse. Players compete in futuristic automobile races in Nitroverse with cutting-edge graphics. Earning tokens by doing so or just having fun with the game’s many other features. Nitro League automobiles can be gathered by users, raced online, shown or traded on any NFT marketplace, or displayed across many Metaverses.

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