Notifi New Integration with Hedge

Published on: 23.09.2022
Notifi New Integration with Hedge

Notifi, embed notifications and messaging into decentralized applications, announced a new integration with Hedge, a decentralized lending protocol on Solana offering users 0% interest-free collateralized loans.

This new integration of will Notifi alerts allow Hedge to further engage and empower its users with real-time market data updates to make better financial decisions.

Overview of Hedge and Notifi

  1. Create a vault
  2. Back it with a $SOL deposit
  3. Take out our stablecoin USH as a loan (pegged at $1 to the USD)

Since launching earlier this year, the team at Hedge has raised a seed round of $3.7M and secured several strategic partnerships such as Raydium, Orca, Chainlink, Snowflake, and more. The team understands the importance of partnerships for added security, personalization, and simplifying the DeFi experience. Partnering with Notifi’s multi-channel alerts perfectly aligns with that vision. The Team at Hedge chose Notifi for ease of reaching their users and integration.

Management Quote

“When creating Hedge, we wanted to create an experience that would simplify and elevate the DeFi experience on Solana with our end user in mind. We understand the benefits of DeFi but also the confusion for the general public. Partnering with Notfi aligns with our vision to help users unlock more liquidity with real-time updates to reduce liquidation risk and better leverage their assets.” Sebastian Grubb — Co-Founder & CEO

About Notifi

Notifi is Twilio for Web3. Notifi simplifies communication across all Web3 messaging channels. The Notifi platform is design with simple APIs for easy integration, customizable, and advanced features for dApps and Web3 applications. Notifi empowers developers to better engage with their users via multichannel communications.

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About Hedge

Hedge is an interest-free, low minimal collateral ratio lending protocol on Solana. It gives users the best deal on access to liquidity against their collateral.

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