Station Zero X – FinalCypher

Published on: 23.11.2022

Station Zero X – FinalCypher Coming Soon! This one isn’t a P2E board game on chain, it’s a first-person shooter. Launched on the Fantom network with a first-mover advantage.

Station Zero X is renowned for Encounter, the first strategy board game on the Fantom network, and now FinalCypher is the next in line. This one isn’t a P2E board game on chain, it’s a first-person shooter. Just like Encounter, it’s on the Fantom network with a first-mover advantage. To say the least, it’s the first competitive shooter game, with a lot of potential that’s promising with regard to the future of web3 games! As Station Zero X – FinalCypher Coming Soon!

It’s time to own your gear on Fantom

Station Zero X is carrying the torch of achieving players’ total sovereignty over their assets. From now on, your skins and gear in game are tradable, self-sovereign, and non-custodial, in short, you truly own them. The domain of your sovereignty as a player isn’t confined to your game gear and assets, but it also extends to the agent itself. For the most part, the game itself has a high-skill cap gameplay, which is to say that it’s highly competitive: So it merges the tactical with the strategical into one unit.

Gameplay overview

The game is team-based (5v5), with initially five different ready-to-play agents (XenoZodwaAtropaKaju, and Otto) every one of them has a different basic ability and auxiliary one. The stats of each agent are categorized into different categories or attributes, such as mobility (some of them relate to the agent’s ability to move, jump, etc., and others to its gears, for instance, the weapon’s recoil, and more). FinalCypher has a multiple modes of playing; Including the ranked and unrated modes.

Station Zero X and democratizing e-sports

One of the goals of Station Zero X is to solve the issues concerning the traditional e-sports (e.g. the inaccessibility, due to the demographic and socio-economic barrier, etc.), and for that, Station Zero X is considering the idea of making a web3 games tournaments. Decentralizing e-sports would grant to web3 games tournaments several things that the traditional (or web2) tournaments lack; including, but not limited to, these features in particular:

  • Full accessibility
  • And rewarding players with a relatively high monetary value, (not commodities), with comparison to the centralized tournaments (i.e., that’s so, because web3 game’s prize pool is potentially larger, with respect to magnitude, than centralized e-sports).

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