The Lend Finance Pre-Launch

Published on: 29.11.2022
Lend Finance Pre-launch

The LEND Finance Pre-Launch is coming. The pre-launch event from LEND Finance offers up significant prizes. LEND is the first lending protocol on BNB Chain that shares the revenue generated by the ecosystem back to its native token holders, bringing an excellent opportunity for its users to earn actual yield, passively.

The platform allows users to lend and borrow tokens, by providing liquidity to lending pools to earn interest and $LEND tokens. These $LEND tokens can then be staked, or locked to earn 25% of all revenue generated by its multi-chain platform.

The LEND platform allows for the following

  • LEND (Supply) your crypto assets to earn interest and bonus LEND tokens
  • Provide collateral to borrow crypto assets, also earning LEND tokens
  • Supply LEND tokens to earn more LEND tokens
  • Stake LEND tokens to earn protocol revenue
  • Lock LEND tokens to earn protocol revenue + fees

Introducing LEND Finance Token $LEND

$LEND tokens are a BEP20 token that will first launch on the BNB Chain Network, shortly followed by ETH & Polygon. The main functions of the token are to incentivize the liquidity providers on the LEND platform and to allow all of our users to directly earn revenue generated by the protocol.

How to Grab LEND Tokens?

  1. Supplying — get bonus rewards in $LEND tokens in addition to compounded interest on deposited assets.
  2. Borrowing — Users creating borrow balances via lending markets will also receive bonus rewards as $LEND tokens
  3. Supply LEND — $LEND tokens can be supplied back to the market to earn $tLEND which allows our users & holders to start claiming a share of ALL protocol revenue

LEND Prelaunch Event With Over $125K In Total Prizes

The prelaunch event is an exciting opportunity for users to get to know the LEND ecosystem and experience the magic of real yield generated by $LEND tokens. The LEND team has prepared $125,000, NFTs powered by Galxe, and some fabulous LEND merch for the prelaunch event.

LEND Finance has also teamed up with other high-end projects in the crypto industry just to give their users pleasure and make the event tastier!

Prelaunch Main Events

LEND x Dao Maker | Launch Vote

  • $1,000 LEND tokens to share & Galxe OAT for all participants
  • WHEN: 28 Nov — 05 Dec
  • Voting Prize Pool: 100 Participants — Split $750 $LEND
  • Gleam Prize Pool
    ✨10 Winners — Split $250 $LEND
    🎏 All Entrants — Exclusive LEND x Dao Maker NFT

LEND x Galxe | Learn to LEND Quiz

  • $1,000 LEND tokens to share & Galxe OAT for all participants
  • WHEN: 05 Dec — 18 Dec
  • LearnToLEND Prize Pool:
    🎁 100 Participants — Split $750 $LEND
    🎇 100% Quiz Scores — Receive first #LearnToLEND NFT
  • Gleam Prize Pool:
    10 Winners — Get exclusive LEND merch bundles

BNB Chain x LEND | Incentivised LEND Testnet Campaign

  • $20,000 LEND tokens to share & LEND Wassie Galxe OAT for all participants
  • WHEN: 09 Dec — TBD
  •  Prize Pool: 2000 Participants — Split $20k $LEND
    All Entrants — Limited Edition LEND Wassie OAT NFT
  • Gleam Prize Pool:
    100 Winners — Split $500 $LEND
    10 Winners — Get exclusive LEND merch bundles


LEND Finance has been collecting interest and building its $LEND token whitelist for private sale. This event will give its earliest supporters the ability to access and buy $LEND tokens before anyone else. Participants will benefit from buying $LEND at the reduced price of $0.03 vs $0.07 during the public sale. Any tokens bought during this event will actually generate protocol revenue for the holder as they vest over the next year.

During the event, LEND will be distributing $1000 between 50 random participants that purchase >$10 and a bonus pool of $500 to split between BSCNews NFT holders that purchase >$10.

How to get on the whitelist? (Closing November 30)

  • Complete all Gleam tasks here.
  • Mint the event Galxe OAT
  • Done! You are now whitelisted for the $LEND private sale

Private Sale Prize Pool

  • 100 entrants that purchase >$10 $LEND — Split $1000 $LEND
  • BSC News NFT holders that purchase >$10 $LEND — Split $500 $LEND
  • All participants — One-time LEND Private Sale OAT NFT

 LEND x CoinMarketCap | $100k $LEND Airdrop

  • $100,000 tokens to share & Galxe OAT for all participants

Throughout the prelaunch activities, LEND will be offering its users many chances to win some amazing prizes! These include LEND merch bundles, $LEND token rewards, and of course, some fabulous NFTs powered by Galxe.

LEND establishes pools of algorithmically derived interest rate models based on the current supply and demand of each respective asset. Suppliers and Borrowers of assets interact directly with the protocol in earning and paying a floating interest rate.


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