GoPlus Partnership with TokenPocket

Published on: 28.12.2022
GoPlus Partnership with TokenPocket

GoPlus Partnership with TokenPocket, TokenPocket is the world’s leading multi-chain self-custodial wallet, which supports over 30 public chains and a few EVM-compatible chains.

As a one-stop portal to the crypto ecosystem, TokenPocket integrates a variety of DEXs, DApps and NFTs to provide users with a simple and secure Web3 user experience. For mobile users, TokenPocket is now available on your phone, iOS & Android and in your browser.To access DApps on TokenPocket, you just need to search the specific name for the DApp you want to use on the search bar. Then you can move easily and smoothly through this simple operation. Also, you can search different DApps on the “Discover” page. As GoPlus announced its Partnership with TokenPocket.

Token Security API

When swapping tokens within TokenPocket’s embedded DEX, a security detection for any tokens that have been added as a trading pair would be triggered. This service would identify risks and assess its risk levels around the tokens on its basic information, contract security, trading security, and information security . Once the token is detected with a security risk, the user will be informed with detailed risks info.

Approval Security API

When you interact with a DApp, it would ask for your permission to perform an action with your tokens. Only after you approve it, can you interact with any tokens in the wallet.

When users connect to a DApp, two things happen:

  • The DApp requests permission to view your wallet. In most cases, this is harmless: although this means the DApp could check your balance, it can’t use this permission to actually do anything with your wallet.


About Go+ Security

Go+ Security, Everyone’s Security Tool! Go+ is an open, permissionless, user-driven security service platform for all types of blockchain users.

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