Orbs Network – Orbs Lambda

Published on: 04.01.2023
Orbs Network - Orbs Lambda

Orbs Network – Orbs Lambda, an event driven, serverless and decentralized cloud function, similar in concept to AWS Lambda – only decentralized.

Cloud functions are implemented in a few lines of code, deployed to the Orbs Network and then executed by the network validators. Much like AWS Lambda, there is no devops involved and no instances to worry about. Unlike AWS Lambda, the protocol is fully transparent and decentralized, providing execution guaranteed to the user community by relying on dozens of independent network validators that participate in the protocol. As Orbs Network launches – Orbs Lambda.

Code in JavaScript

Cloud functions in Orbs Lambda are written in an industry standard language – JavaScript (or TypeScript). Developers are not required to learn unfamiliar smart contract languages or operate strange toolchains – they can rely on their existing knowledge. Developers are free to utilize dozens of familiar NPM packages such as web3.js or node-fetch.

Execution Triggers

Triggers can include a scheduled time interval (similar to a cron job), on-chain events from multiple L1 blockchains (logs emitted from smart contracts or state changes) and HTTP requests.

It is a complementary solution that allows developers to enrich their business logic with actions that the smart contract sandbox is unable to do, without sacrificing decentralization.

Step by Step Overview

The development process of a new Orbs Lambda cloud function includes the following steps:

  1. Select a unique ID for your lambda function (alpha-numeric characters and dashes).
  2. Create a local git repository conforming to the appropriate project structure.
  3. Implement the logic of your cloud function in JavaScript (or TypeScript).
  4. Write a simple test suite to verify your lambda function logic locally.
  5. Deploy your lambda by creating a PR (git pull request) to the official Orbs repo on GitHub.
  6. Wait until your lambda is deployed by the system, errors and feedback will appear on the PR.
  7. Analyze execution of your lambda in production by examining the network status page.


About Orbs Network

An open, decentralized and public blockchain infrastructure executed by a secure network of permissionless validators using Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus.

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