GIFTO Token Swap Announcement

Published on: 19.01.2023
GIFTO Token Swap Announcement

GIFTO token swap announcement has been published. It’s time to upgrade your GTO tokens! The GFT token is here, and the GTO to GFT token swap begins last January 12th, 2023.

To ease the process for all GTO holders, GIFTO has created a GTO to GFT Token Swap Portal for users holding GTO ERC20 on-chain to let you swap your tokens manually, as well as a swap form for users holding GTO-908 on BEP2.

With the successful completion of the GFT token rebrand, GIFTO is excited to move forward and implement its plans for 2023.

Old GTO token contract addresses:

New GFT token contract address:

The GTO to GFT token swap is 1:1 and a one-way process in which all swapped GTO ERC20 and GTO BEP2 tokens will be burnt to prevent the double circulation of tokens.


  • If your GTO tokens are held on a CEX, such as Binance, you shall not need to do anything. Normally, exchanges will perform the token upgrade from GTO to GFT for users directly, and each exchange will provide information about it in their Official Announcements. Conversations are ongoing with exchanges to support the swap.

What you need to know

  • Gifto will support the old GTO tokens for a minimum of three months starting from the start of the swap day (12th January 2023). After this period, which should be sufficient time for all community members to complete the swap, the team will reassess the need for extending the swap period.

How to swap GTO to GFT on the BNB Chain?

  1. 1. Exchange
    To swap your GTO for GFT on the BNB Chain, you may not need to do anything. We are working with exchanges to upgrade their tokens, so please stay updated with the exchange where you hold your GTO for further instructions. Follow the Announcements channel and social media accounts of the exchange for the latest information on their support for the GTO to GFT swap.
  2. 2. On-Chain Ethereum ERC20 GTO
    To swap your GTO for GFT on the BNB Chain, follow these steps:
    A) If you have GTO ERC20 tokens on-chain, you can use the GTO to GFT Token Swap Portal at
    B) Open the portal and connect your MetaMask or WalletConnect-compatible wallet by clicking the CONNECT button.
    C) If your GTO balance is positive, click the SWAP button to initiate the token swap.
  3. 3. On-Chain BEP2 GTO-908
    If you hold BEP2 GTO tokens on-chain, you have two options for swapping them for GFT:
    Send your GTO tokens to Binance or any other exchange that supports GTO BEP2 deposits, and wait for the exchange to support the swap.
    ♣ Send your GTO tokens to Binance or any other exchange that supports GTO BEP2 deposits, and then withdraw your GTO ERC20 tokens to a wallet and use the GTO to GFT Token Swap Portal at, as described in section 2 above.

Gifto is a blockchain-based web3 gifting platform. $GTO, soon $GFT on Binance.

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