Metaline BrandNew Product & Website

Published on: 20.01.2023
Metaline BrandNew Product & Website

Metaline BrandNew Product & Website, MetaLine a large-scale Web3-based multi-connect game for nautical management, adventure and strategy.

They are rebranding with a new logo and color scheme as part of the ongoing evolution of Metaline’s brand. Releasing an updated brand identity. They have refreshed their logo to reflect who they are today and to symbolize their future. The simple but flowing design is an interpretation of the pure spirit of web3, representing the brave, adventurous, audacious nautical spirit of Metaline Players. As Metaline announces their BrandNew Product & Website.

They refreshed the style of the website as well. If you were one of the participants in the last two rounds of testing, you will notice the new website is totally different from the old one. Similar to the icon update, the overall style of the Metaline website has also become more pixelated.

The new website also includes a video where you can get an overall preview of the Metaline gameplay, including the goods production, ship voyage, port business trading, and PVP and PVE battling.

First of all, the game screening and in-game characters have all been updated with a new and fresh look towards a more Web3-native and more pixelated style. The pixel style is inherently fun to play with, giving players a strong retro-electric feel to the tone and also being in line with the general trend of retro design.

Secondly, Metaline is developed based on the underlying Metaverse engine. Metaline is not just a single, isolated blockchain game. Quite the opposite, Metaline has the potential to act as the bridge connecting hundreds and thousands of other Web3 projects. The port, as an essential part of Metaline, has the power to act as the gateway for users to enter a multiverse world, just as real-life ports connect countries around the world and are the window to realizing the export-oriented economy.


About MetaLine

A large-scale Web3-based multi-connect game for nautical management, adventure and strategy. MetaLine has six system modules, including production and trading system, upgrading system, port system, combat system, NFT system and ecosystem. Through the cooperation and association between different mission systems, achieve rich game play, and build the empire on the sea.

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