Shamba and dClimate Partnership

Published on: 20.01.2023
Shamba and dClimate Partnership

Shamba Network and dClimate have signed a partnership to list a wide variety of ecological data from the Shamba oracle on the dClimate data marketplace.

Based in New York, dClimate is a chain-agnostic, decentralized climate information ecosystem that makes it easy for businesses and builders to find, access, and utilize essential information about our planet to better understand how weather and climate impacts our communities and build data-driven technology solutions for helping communities achieve climate resilience.

Based in Kenya, Shamba is a decentralized monitoring, reporting and verification (DMRV) network that allows the collection and reporting of ecological data. Leveraging satellite data, machine learning, geospatial modeling, crowdsourcing and validation experts, Shamba allows monitoring of the physical world and quantification of impact at scale. This data that Shamba provides can use to drive a wide variety of web3 applications, and this new partnership lays the groundwork for that.

What is a data marketplace?

A data marketplace is a place where data can be list and made available to a wide audience. It enables the discovery and access of data by a wide variety of users who need such data. By acting as a focus point, marketplaces connect buyers and sellers of data. And therefore play a critical role in enabling the use of data. DClimate enables the discovery and use of climate data by people and projects working on climate action. In the web3 space, this is especially important given the number of ESG and climate action applications being developed that need climate data. The dClimate marketplace is an ideal place for Shamba to list its datasets to get them in front of more users.

What paradigm will Shamba be listing data for?

Shamba will provide data both in web3 and web2 formats. It will list the web3 ready ecological data available through its oracle, as well as the underlying geospatial data that is used by the oracle. This will allow web3 developers to easily consume climate data in a format usable by their smart contracts. It will also allow data scientists to access the raw geospatial data that they need to build. And improve machine learning algorithms. By providing data in both web3 and web2 formats Shamba enriches the dClimate ecosystem with data for all users and participants.

About dClimate

dClimate is a chain-agnostic, decentralized climate information ecosystem that makes it easy for businesses and builders.

Website | Twitter

About Shamba

Shamba’s mission is to enable regeneration of the planet and empowerment of farming communities. Shamba does this by providing ecological data on-chain to drive a variety of web3 applications.

Website | Twitter



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