BNBChain partners with NULS

Published on: 08.03.2023
BNBChain partners with NULS

BNBChain partners with NULS and landed on ENULS. In the first episode of “Knowing ENULS”, NULS introduced a method to swap your stablecoins, mainly USDT / USDC to USDTN / USDCN in the ENULS ecosystem. 

SwapBox is a great tool that meets stablecoin swap demands, by using SwapBox, you can swap USDT(BEP20) to USDTN(ENULS), but you also need a solution for assets other than just stablecoins.

NerveBridge, a cross-chain solution developed by  NerveNetwork has been successfully deployed on ENULS. NerveBridge has supported over 30 mainstream blockchains and their underlying assets to cross-chain to ENULS. The following content, will demonstrate how to interact with NerveBridge in the ENULS blockchain and cross-chain your $BNB assets to ENULS using NerveBridge.

How to bridge BNB assets from BNB Chain to ENULS?

  1. Visit NerveBridge can use any of the following compatible wallets.
  2. Currently, you can bridge the underlying assets of most supported blockchains to ENULS using NerveBridge, such as ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, FTM, OKT, NULS, HT, etc.
  3. Connect NerveBridge to your BSC address.
  4. Select ENULS as your target address.
  5. Select BNB as the token you want to cross-chain.
  6. Enter “Amount”.
  7. Click “Next”, then sign the transaction.
  8. Your transaction will be completed within 3–5 minutes.
  9. You can track your transaction status by clicking the top-right button

To bridge BNB assets back to your BNB Chain address:

  • Connect NerveBridge to your ENULS address.
  • Select BNB Chain as your target address.
  • Select BNB as the token you want to cross-chain.
  • Enter “Amount”.
  • Click “Next”, then sign the transaction.
  • Your transaction will be completed within 3–5 minutes.

Now you have learned all the information about cross-chain your BNB assets from BNB Chain to ENULS blockchain

In the future, NULS will open more BNB-NULS liquidity mining pools on ENULS decentralized exchange and support more BEP20 assets to cross-chain to the ENULS ecosystem


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