Blast API Mainnet Launch

Published on: 10.03.2023
Blast API Mainnet Launch

Blast API Mainnet Launch has been done. After two years of development, and a successful Testnet Program, Bware Labs brings about a new generation of blockchain APIs with the mainnet launch of their flagship product, Blast!

Blast’s journey towards decentralization started with the Houston Incentivized Testnet, a program created to bring the platform to the level of sustainability and security needed for maintaining best-in-industry performance after full decentralization.

The purpose of the Testnet

The purpose of the testnet was to verify all the technical aspects involved in the decentralization of the Blast API Platform. It also includes the Integrity and Staking protocols, scoring algorithm and in-house built proxy all of which should allow Blast to keep its superior performance within the industry even after decentralization. At the same time, Houston Testnet onboarded and prepared Node Providers for the mainnet launch while giving them the option to earn the necessary funds to join the platform in its production state.

Successful Program and Stress Testing

According to Bware Labs the program was beyond successful, as by the end of the Stress Testing period, Blast recorded an average throughput beyond 40000 RPS. The estimated initial throughput that will be supported on the mainnet revolves around 100k RPS With the launch of Blast’s mainnet, the speed and reliability of the API platform will rely mainly on the Proof of Quality mechanism, which refers to enabling node owners to join the Blast Protocol in a permissionless manner as Node Providers, provided that their nodes can satisfy the platform’s performance and data integrity standards.

Moreover, according to Bware Labs CEO Flavian Manea, Mainnet brings the chance for the community to participate in the protocol by delegating the company’s INFRA tokens to available staking pools.

Node Providers will thus have to stake tokens in order to participate in Blast’s protocol, other users can delegate to a Node Provider from within Blast’s delegation explorer, an easy-to-use web interface available at explorer in order to earn an APY. Last but not least, the governance mechanism for future development initiatives and improvements of Blast and its Decentralized Infrastructure Protocol will also rely on Blast’s token holders as well.

“The biggest challenge is being true to your word when it comes to what you want to bring to the table. Maintaining industry-level standards in terms of quality while running the platform in a decentralized manner is no easy feat. In order to tackle that we had to find our own routes and methods, that could ensure that the nodes on Blast present the required performance and that would not prohibit the scalability potential of Blast. Now, decentralization is in sight — all hands on deck lads, let’s launch this ship!”—Bware Labs CEO Flavian Manea


Blast is a blockchain API platform that provides easy blockchain access to the most relevant networks in the space. Using Blast, developers are able to get RPC, REST and WebSocket access to an ever-growing number of blockchain networks in just a couple of simple steps.

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ABOUT Bware Labs

The mission of Bware Labs is to create an infrastructure and development ecosystem that can help Web3 builders throughout their entire blockchain journey. The company aims to play a decisive role in worldwide blockchain adoption.

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