Luganodes and Ankr are now partners

Published on: 30.03.2023
Luganodes and Ankr are now partners

Luganodes and Ankr are now partners to strengthen AppChain Infrastructure. AppChains is a scalability solution that is quickly gaining steam. In this arrangement, the two trusted blockchain infrastructure providers will offer expansive resources for running reliable and secure validator nodes on AppChain ecosystems.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ankr and strengthen our commitment to providing dependable and efficient blockchain infrastructure. This partnership will enable us to deliver hassle-free operations, ensuring exceptional performance and scalability.”— Anuj Shankar, CEO of Luganodes

“Luganodes will greatly expand the available node resources for those building on Supernets and BNB Sidechains with Ankr’s AppChain service. Collaboration in this way is crucial in boosting the decentralization and performance of dedicated blockchain ecosystems simultaneously.”– Josh Neuroth, Ankr’s Head of Product

What Does the Collaboration Entail?

Together, Luganodes and Ankr will ensure the seamless operation of application-specific blockchains, bringing the benefits of high-performance, scalable, and decentralized infrastructure to AppChain developers and users. In addition, the collaboration will see Luganodes and Ankr running nodes with two other validators for the Polygon Supernets and three additional validators for the BNB Side Chains.

  • Increased validator node resources to operate AppChains
  • Strengthened infrastructure and security for Supernets & BNB Sidechains
  • Enhanced decentralization efforts for bootstrapping validation and staking
ABOUT Luganodes

As an industry leader in staking, Luganodes is committed to providing world-class blockchain infrastructure to Proof of Stake (PoS) networks. Luganodes has earned the trust and support of various PoS communities, including Polygon and TRON, and is currently the world’s fastest-growing staking provider with $700M+ worth of staked assets and live nodes on 15+ PoS networks.

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Ankr is the leading Web3 infrastructure company. It has a set of different products for building, earning, gaming, and more — all on a blockchain. Ankr’s globally distributed node infrastructure allows us to build the best possible multi-chain tools as a foundational layer for Web3, DeFi, and the crypto economy.

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