UnUniFi partners with OmniFlix

Published on: 12.04.2023

Ununifi partners with Omniflix a decentralized media and network layer for creators & communities, powered by NFTs and built on Cosmos.

OmniFlix is designed to help users create, manage, and distribute their media assets and assist community engagement. Adoption and support for NFTs and other media assets on Cosmos, while also achieving a shared goal for future product integrations. Together, they can provide valuable tools and services to users across the Cosmos ecosystem.

The OmniFlix ecosystem is one that is well integrated across Cosmos. Currently includes many dApps such as Studio, Market, TV, and more. OmniFlix Studio is a single interface for creators, studios, record labels and communities to create, manage, distribute, and monetize their NFTs by publishing or listing them on the marketplace.

OmniFlix Market remains the hub and marketplace for all NFTs minted on OmniFlix and has a very active launchpad with many successful NFT collections launched to date. Lastly, OmniFlix TV (currently in alpha) is a singular interface for creators to publish their content as NFTs, including video, audio, images, and even interactive videos. These are just a few of the ways in which OmniFlix is revolutionizing on-chain media assets for creators and communities, and we are excited about their continued progress!

Project Background

UnUniFi and OmniFlix originally met at Cosmoverse 2022. This is where the idea was shared that providing utility and tools to NFTs on Cosmos would naturally enhance their adoption rate. Both have their own methods. With OmniFlix empowers communities and creates an ecosystem for interchain media assets, and UnUniFi provides interchain DeFi tools and utility for NFTs. After many months of development and internal progress, UnUniFi is proud to finally be at a stage in its protocol’s development. With this great partnership, and finally, announce their goals for various integrations.

Both projects are looking forward to future collaborative efforts. Aligns vision toward enhancing the accessibility of NFT tools and services for users in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Marketing Partnership:

  • Content creation and collaborative marketing activities/cross-community promotion, with a goal for the shared benefit of the Cosmos Ecosystem.
  • Enhance the NFT ecosystem on Cosmos with the goal of increasing user adoption and educating creators on the unique value proposition of NFTs on Cosmos.
  • Co-hosted events either in person or online for future consideration.

Product Partnership / Technical Integration:

  • Support interchain liquidity for Cosmos-based NFTs through our co-integration.
  • Introduce NFT assets from Omniflix Market onto UnUniFi for use with NFT-Fi functions.
  • Omniflix to help support UnUniFi’s community through the use of its product suite.
  • UnUniFi content creation + hosting on Omniflix dApps (eg. Omniflix TV)
  • Additional integrations discuss pending development progress.
ABOUT Omniflix

OmniFlix is the Interchain Media Hub. The process of creation has been democratized but the infrastructure has not! OmniFlix is changing that by offering creators and communities the tools to manage, distribute & monetize their intellectual property in a sovereign way

Website | Twitter

ABOUT Uniunifi

UnUniFi is an NFT-Fi Platform with DeFi tools, build via L1 app-specific blockchain in the Cosmos Network. Its platform provides the tools and features necessary to integrate DeFi functionality into any NFT ecosystem. It also develops cross-chain products for retail and institutional users. UnUniFi provides the infrastructure to be the NFT-Fi Hub for Cosmos and beyond.

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