Hats Finance partners with Vaultka

Published on: 18.04.2023
Hats Finance partners with Vaultka

Hats Finance partners with Vaultka the accumulator of DeFi yield in the volatile market.

Vaultka will provide various market-neutral strategies that generate stable returns in any market condition. Its automated Vaults offer various risk-management options, providing users with delta-neutral strategies that offer outperformed market stablecoin yield.

In addition, the Vaultka team strives to maximize returns, minimize risk in market fluctuations, and provide a wide range of products that suit the community.

Mission and Vision of Vaultka

Vaultka’s vision is to empower users for sustainable yield by offering a wide spectrum of vault strategies that aim to provide products that suit different risk appetites and tolerance.

Vaultka team is dedicated to three core values:

  • Sustainable: Focus on developing sustainable strategies with proper risk management.
  • Market Neutral: Vaultka offers all-weather products that help users to gain returns in the bear market.
  • Secure: Vaultka team values security on yield sources and principal, the team is determined to offer secure products for the community

On the other hand, Hats Finance is a proactive bounty protocol for white hat hackers and auditors, where projects, community members, and stakeholders incentivize protocol security and responsible disclosure.

Hats create scalable vaults using the project’s token. The value of the bounty increases with the success of the token and project. In addition, prolific NFT artists have pledged assistance and will create numerous unique NFTs that will be minted specially for hackers and auditors that will responsibly disclose vulnerabilities.

Hats Finance Mechanism

  • Smart contracts are continuously offering a bounty in the form of their value or the value that is locked by them. Maliciously extracting this value causes more harm to the ecosystem than the size of the extracted value.
  • Incentivize continuous audits for smart contracts.
  • Hack or exploits affect the adoption of all smart contract projects and the ecosystem itself. Ecosystem adoption could be boosted if the risk is reduced.
  • The future of the economy is being withheld by the forces who try to hack it. Hats Finance incentivizes both parties to collaborate toward the success of the ecosystem.
ABOUT Hats Finance

Hats Finance is the first-of-its-kind, community-owned, and decentralized bug bounty protocol. Because security exploits affect all parties involved, Hats Finance facilitates community involvement by allowing users to provide liquidity to their favorite bounties and earn $HAT tokens once they become available.

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ABOUT Vaultka

Vaultka is the ultimate vault for all DeFi yield. Their various market-neutral strategies allow users to generate stable returns in any market condition. Vaultka’s automated vaults offer various risk-management options, providing users with delta-neutral strategies that offer outperformed market stablecoin yield.

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Hats Finance

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