Bounce Finance Integration with Zksync Era

Published on: 03.05.2023
Bounce Finance Integration with Zksync Era

Bounce Finance Integration with Zksync Era, users will enjoy numerous benefits including reduced transaction fees, swift transaction speeds, and exceptional security.

Bounce Finance users can now seamlessly participate in decentralized auctions on the zkSync Era network through Bounce Finance’s user-friendly platform. The integration of zkSync Era underlines Bounce Finance’s commitment to addressing the diverse needs within the rapidly expanding digital asset market and providing users with numerous benefits that ensure a seamless and rewarding auction experience. As Bounce Finance announced their Integration with Zksync Era.

Low Gas Fees

A major advantage of integrating zkSync Era is the substantially lower transaction fees. zkSync Era employs a robust ZK technology suite, which encompasses an LLVM-based Solidity compiler, a top-rated GPU prover, and soon, the pioneering Redshift proof system developed by Matter Labs.

Robust Security

Another key feature of zkSync Era is mainnet-equivalent security without reliance on third parties. Among all scaling solutions, ZK Rollups stand out as the most secure. Leveraging the power of mathematical proofs, they completely absorb the security parameters of Layer 1, an essential characteristic when operating in highly competitive environments.

Faster Transaction Speed

zkSync Era pioneers the innovative idea of Hyperchains — autonomous ZK-chains on Ethereum, connected with a network of cost-efficient and fully trustless Hyperbridges. While the throughput of each distinct Hyperchain is determined by the capacity and degree of decentralization of its nodes, collectively, Hyperchains remove any limit on the total throughput achievable within the zkSync Era ecosystem.


About zkSync

A ZK rollup, trustless protocol that employs cryptographic validity proofs (SNARKs) to offer scalable and cost-efficient transactions on Ethereum. In the zkSync model, computation and the majority of data storage is performed off-chain, while maintaining Ethereum-level security for all transactions.

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About Bounce Finance

A decentralized auction protocol that enables users to create and participate in a diverse array of auctions across numerous blockchain ecosystems.

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