LIFI Integration with DeCommas

Published on: 31.05.2023
LIFI Integration with DeCommas

LIFI Integration with DeCommas, users can now seamlessly earn yield on Aave without having to worry about bridging or swapping between deployments!

Pathfindooooor TL;DR

The end game for DeCommas is to build out Pathfinder strategies for every DeFi application offering lending, borrowing, staking, and/or leverage in a single portal. As LIFI announced their Integration with DeCommas

Integrating LIFI is the first step to making this possible. Pathfinder is built on top of LIFI and algorithmically scouts the most efficient routes from A to B in the DeFi space. Via LI.FI, Pathfinder users will be able to easily compare travel time, gas costs, and the number of clicks between different bridge and DEX combinations.

With Pathfinder, a user can start from anywhere and end up on a chain with the highest APY opportunities. For example, a user could start with ETH on Optimism and end up depositing USDT into Aave v3 on Arbitrum – all in a single interface hosted by Decommas!


About DeCommas

Within this fragmented space DeCommas will become the automation layer to provide users with simple “one-click” access to automated, decentralized, chain-agnostic, yield- and ROI-generating strategies.

The DeCommas automation layer consists of several components, making up a permissionless, censorship resistant and fast infrastructure enabling any type of automation events a user might need.

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About LIFI

The most advanced bridge and DEX aggregator with smart routing capabilities to find the best route to move any asset on any chain, to another asset on another chain. They have added support for 13 bridges across 15+ EVM-compatible chains, along with all DEX aggregators & DEXs on those chains, into a single solution that is available as an SDK, Widget, or API.

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