Zokyo Audited Struct Finance Smart Contracts

Published on: 03.06.2023
Zokyo Audited Struct Finance Smart Contracts

Zokyo Audited Struct Finance Smart Contracts to ensure the security and reliability of the underlying code that powers dApps.

Smart contract audits are essential for Web3 to ensure the security and reliability of the underlying code that powers dApps, helping to fortify Struct’s offering and secure user investments, Zokyo Audited Struct Finance Smart Contracts

Struct Finance is a decentralized finance protocol that enables users to create and personalize interest rate products by utilizing tokenized yield-bearing positions. This approach assists users in creating structured products of superior quality. Struct is notably backed by Bixin VenturesBlizzardFBG CapitalIVCQCP Capital, and Wintermute, among others, including Zokyo.

Zokyo’s most recent security audit focused on the smart contract which powers Struct Finance. During the audit process, Zokyo used industry-standard techniques and best practices to verify the implementation of Struct’s smart contracts. They conducted a line-by-line review of the codebase and cross-compared the smart contracts with similar ones developed by industry leaders, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of the code’s quality and security.

Zokyo’s smart contract audit returned an impressive Security Audit Score of 97 out of 100, with no Critical or High severity issues found. The Struct team acknowledges these findings and aims to gradually decentralize, further indicating their proactive approach to improving their platform.

Security audits for smart contracts, such as the one conducted by Zokyo, are essential for identifying potential vulnerabilities and attack avenues. This helps to prevent potential security incidents and promotes increased transparency and confidence in dApps, which is essential for the growth and stability of the DeFi sector.

About Struct Finance

Struct Finance further expands the spectrum of on-chain structured products by offering users a way to customize interest rate instruments and compose them with options available in the ecosystem to construct superior financial products.

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About Zokyo

Zokyo (“augment” in Japanese) secures, builds, and invests in legendary crypto/web3 projects. We keep pace with your in-house development team and provide blockchain security, design, and development talent to startups and enterprise organizations as needed.

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SOURCE: https://medium.com/@zokyo.io/zokyo-completed-a-comprehensive-security-audit-of-struct-finance-ebc37f4f2d2e

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