LI.FI partners with Wido

Published on: 16.06.2023
LI.FI partners with Lido

LI.FI partners with Wido to build cross-chain zaps for dApps interested in improving the crypto user experience.

LI.FI routes any token to any chain. Wido deposits any token to any contract. All a developer needs to do is embed Wido’s SDK on their dApp’s website. All a user needs to do is confirm a single transaction.

Example Cross-Chain Zap: RDNT on Arbitrum to lp-yCRV on Ethereum

LI.FI provides bridging/swapping support across 15 bridges and 30 DEXs, and Wido maintains zap support for 1500+ contracts. The result of their partnership is that Wido now offers dApps a simple SDK to embed cross-chain zaps seamlessly into any deposit flow.

This is a 10X upgrade for dApps and users

  • dApps can embed LI.FI x Wido cross-chain zaps into their websites to source, route, and deposit tokens from anywhere in DeFi.
  • Users get to deposit into contracts from any chain/token combination in a single click without thinking about bridges, chains, etc.

Supported Chains and Contracts

Chain Support
  • Live: Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Gnosis, Fantom
  • Coming Soon: Polygon zkEVM, zkSync Era, Solana, and others.
Zap Support
Token Support
  • If a token is supported by 1inch, 0x, Paraswap, OpenOcean, or any Uniswap V2 fork, it can be used in a cross-chain zap!

Cross-Chain Zap Use-Cases

The Wido and LI.FI partnership unlocks a wide range of use cases, as any contract in DeFi can now be “zapped” into from LI. FI-supported chains, starting with any token (ERC-20 or LP).

  • Users deposit into safe yield opportunities (Yearn Vaults or stETH) from any chain/token combination.
  • Ex: Mark recently received 2,000 OP in an airdrop and wants to convert it to a safer form of value. Via LI.FI and Wido, Wallet XYZ can use a cross-chain zap that swaps OP into WETH, bridges WETH to Ethereum, then stakes into Lido contracts… in one click.
Borrowing/Lending Platforms
  • Users deposit into lending positions from any chain/token combination.
  • EX: Roman has 5,000 BUSD on BNB Chain but sees that Lending Protocol XYZ is offering 8% for USDC deposits on Optimism. Lending Protocol XYZ can use a cross-chain zap to let the user swap BUSD to USDC, bridge USDC to Optimism, and then deposit into a lending position on Lending Protocol
Derivatives Exchanges
  • Users purchase a derivative from any chain/token combination.
  • EX: Max recently sold a Nakamigo for .73 ETH on Ethereum and wants to up the ante. Derivatives Exchange XYZ can use a cross-chain zap that swaps/bridges Max’s ETH and allows him to buy a levered long position on ETH on Arbitrum… in one click.
Yield Aggregators
  • Users deposit into a vault from any chain/token combination.
  • EX: Philipp was yield farming on Fantom, but liquidity mining rewards are starting to run dry. Yield Aggregator XYZ can use a cross-chain zap that takes Philipp’s food/dog/meme/LP tokens on Fantom, swaps and bridges them to mainnet, and then deposits them into Yield Aggregator XYZ’s Vault to earn a safe 4% yield… in one click.
General dApps
  • Users interact with the same dApp on various chains in a single interface.
  • Ex: Instead of sorting by “chain”, dApps could sort by “token” — thereby, for example, showing USDC yields across chains. From there, via LI.FI and Wido, dApps can build zaps to let users zap into any form of yield from any chain.
Cross-Chain Yield Farming Automation
  • Teams building automated strategies that can touch yield on any chain with any token.
  • Ex: LI.FI lets teams move any token to any chain. Wido lets teams deposit any token into any contract. Both of us offer an API, meaning these movements can be automated — allowing anyone to build chain yield farming strategies that automatically rotate depending on yield opportunities on different chains.

Wido specializes in same-chain zaps and has worked with DeFi OGs to improve the user journey. Yearn. Fi utilizes Wido on its front end. So does Harvest, Mozaic, and Pickle Finance. With Wido, crypto websites can let users deposit any token into any contract in one click — without worrying about swapping or getting LP tokens.

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LI.FI is a cross-chain infrastructure for dApps, wallets, and TradFi businesses. MetaMask and DeFi Saver’s bridge interfaces are built on top of LI.FI. So are BlockWallet, Pangolin, and Superfluid’s frontends. With LI.FI, crypto websites can let users move any token across chains in one click — without relying on a single bridge or DEX.

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