CLV Integrates with GateKeeper

Published on: 30.06.2023
CLV Integrates with GateKeeper

CLV Integrates with GateKeeper for PolygonID verifiable credential management. The CLV platform recently announced the integration of PolygonID with the CLV Wallet, ushering in a new age of security, privacy, and convenience for crypto lovers around the world.

This innovative collaboration empowers CLV Wallet users with unmatched control over their digital identities by harnessing the potential of zk-proofs. Now, they are excited to take the necessary next step to bridge the user to PolygonID through GateKeeper, a Web3 content gating and verifiable credential issuance solution.

GateKeeper — the Keymaster of Privacy-Preserving Identity

In a world where digital identities and verifiable credentials are scattered across a fragmented landscape, GateKeeper emerges as the ultimate solution, wielding the power to integrate, customize, and bridge the gaps. Verifiable credentials hold the immense value that unlocks the doors to restricted projects, protocols, or businesses.

In addition, GateKeeper recognizes the significance of these credentials and seeks to bestow purpose upon them. It acts as a middleware solution, a web3 DID aggregator, orchestrating a harmonious symphony of self-sovereign identities (SSIs) and their associated credentials.

GateKeeper goes beyond access control, aiming to create a strong and privacy-preserving universal identity layer that unifies scattered identities and credentials. It brings together fragmented pieces to establish a cohesive foundation of digital trust.

Acting as a guardian of privacy, GateKeeper safeguards personal information while enabling individuals to use their digital identities as keys for accessing various services. It ensures confidentiality by keeping sensitive data shielded from unauthorized access. With its seamless integration capabilities, GateKeeper can adapt to diverse systems and platforms, allowing businesses to customize their identity frameworks according to their unique needs.

CLV Wallet + GateKeeper + Polygon ID = Enhanced Security, Privacy, and Seamless Identity Management

The integration of CLV Wallet, GateKeeper, and Polygon ID brings forth a powerful alliance that amplifies security, privacy, and seamless identity management in the digital realm. By combining the innovative features of these three entities, users can experience heightened control over their crypto assets, interact with decentralized applications, and store and verify Polygon ID verifiable credentials.

Polygon ID, the base layer for decentralized identity (DID), provides the foundation for secure and private identity management. While CLV can store encrypted data related to a verifiable credential in a QR code, it cannot decrypt and verify the origin of the credential without a verifier and an issuer registry. This limitation is overcome by integrating with GateKeeper. GateKeeper, as one of the “Trust Networks” in the PolygonID ecosystem, can handle both the issuance and verification of verifiable credentials following PolygonID’s DID method. By integrating with GateKeeper, CLV can leverage this functionality.

Through this integration, users can seamlessly claim, and store verifiable credentials issued by GateKeeper or other PolygonID issuers. CLV Wallet also enables direct verification of claims using GateKeeper-issued credentials, providing a seamless experience for proving various attributes. As the only browser extension wallet integrated with the PolygonID network, CLV stands to attract more users as GateKeeper scales, offering a trusted platform for interacting with Web3 services. Overall, this integration enhances security, convenience, and adoption of PolygonID credentials within the CLV Wallet ecosystem.


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