Subsquid partners with Dent

Published on: 14.07.2023
Subsquid partners with Dent

Subsquid partners with Dent Wireless, a blockchain-powered telecommunications platform that is hyper-focused on making decentralized mobile connectivity accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere.

The DENT Wireless platform consists of several B2B and B2C solutions, including an eSIM mobile data reseller platform. Its DENT Gigastore, and the DENT App, allow regular users to purchase and trade eSIM data and minutes. This is all in the process of being integrated into DENTNet, a standalone blockchain network that enables trustless trading of mobile data and minutes.

In addition, the DENT development team has already made extensive use of Subsquid to track trades that occur on the network. For the telecommunications industry, this kind of data retrieval is essential. The platform needs to be able to account for the amount of mobile internet and minutes used and traded by customers. To this end, DENT’s developers built an explorer UI and indexer (‘squid’) on top of a Subsquid ‘Archive.’

Data provided by the Squid and Archive can be used throughout DENT user interfaces. Enabling better tracking and accounting for DENT’s B2B partners, as well as a more seamless experience for users. Check this demonstration video here.

Subsquid is very impressed by DENT’s product-first approach to blockchain development. They are glad to have supported their development team as they have sought to index data to improve their platform’s customer experience.

ABOUT Subsquid

Subsquid is a full-stack blockchain indexing SDK and specialized data lakes (Archives). Optimized for extraction of large volumes of historical on-chain data. The SDK offers a highly customizable Extract-Transform-Load-Query stack and indexing. Speeds of up to and beyond 50,000 blocks per second when indexing events and transactions.

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Using blockchain technologies and digital currencies, DENT is creating a worldwide ecosystem for buying and selling mobile data and other telco products. Accessible by every person or business.

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