KardiaChain partners with Brototype

Published on: 04.11.2023
KardiaChain partners with Brototype

KardiaChain partners with Brototype an on-chain game studio. Together, KardiaChain and Brototype aim to leverage this aspect of technology to unlock and expand the capabilities of the on-chain game industry, thus bringing new life to the Web3 gaming world.

This partnership is focused on promoting creativity and innovation while ensuring inclusivity within the KardiaChain ecosystem. The end goal is to provide all users with an unparalleled experience. Our first joint project is a real-time on-chain battle royale game, set to be released in a few weeks.

An In-depth Exploration of the KardiaChain Ecosystem

KardiaChain has launched Kyokai, a comprehensive blockchain-based solution designed to offer developers the necessary tools to create impactful applications. The primary objective of Kyokai is to promote the convergence between physical and digital realms while minimizing the entry barriers for developers and users, ultimately paving the way for a broader adoption of blockchain technology. They are committed to serving the people, businesses, and government of Vietnam and are poised to spearhead the digital transformation movement in the region.

What is KYOKAI

Kyokai, also known as “the Boundary,” strives to equip non-crypto builders with the necessary tools to leverage blockchain technology. The ultimate objective is to eliminate the need for a deep understanding of blockchain concepts and instead focus on the core value propositions. By utilizing these tools, it’s possible to seamlessly integrate physical elements into the digital realm, leveraging Kardiachain’s public infrastructure. Additionally, Kyokai aims to enhance Dual-Node technology and develop a novel multi-chain solution, rendering Kyokai blockchain-agnostic.

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