Blueshift partners with DJed

Published on: 17.11.2023
Blueshift partners with DJed

Blueshift partners with Djed Alliance, a global and open force of contributors. It has a mission to bring reliable stability to the cryptocurrency industry.

Blueshift is ready to take on a significant role in advancing the Djed stablecoin ecosystem. By integrating Djed’s native tokens, $MOD and $MOR, on the Milkomeda sidechain and providing strategic support. By aligning with the Milkomeda Djed Osiris development team, Blueshift is amplifying the circulation and visibility of $MOD and $MOR through targeted marketing campaigns.

Blueshift’s Stronger Involvement in Partnership with the Cardano Startup Index

Blueshift has taken additional steps to cement its partnership with the Cardano Startup Index. To this end, the company will introduce Djed Alliance Contribution Accounting Units (DACAU) to enhance the ecosystem. These units will serve as a means of recognition. It will be distributed to all members who contribute to the Djed Alliance. The main aim of this mechanism is to inspire and monitor participation within the ecosystem.

Blueshift’s Partnership with Djed Alliance: Pioneering DeFi Growth and Innovation

By partnering with the Djed Alliance, Blueshift not only supports the deployment and operation of the Djed stablecoin protocol but also reinforces its commitment to driving collective growth and innovation in the broader DeFi community.

Exploring the Djed Alliance

The Djed Alliance is a decentralized collaborative team with a common goal of promoting the deployment and integration of the Djed stablecoin protocol throughout different blockchain ecosystems.

Join Forces and Create Partnerships with Djed’s Ecosystem

Djed’s ecosystem offers a unique opportunity for individuals and entities to come together in support of its development and adoption. The alliance is set apart by its non-corporate identity, promoting collaboration and the growth of the Djed stablecoin across various platforms and applications. By fostering a sense of community and mutual advancement, the ecosystem encourages cooperation and welcomes new partnerships.

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