LI.FI integrates with Swell

Published on: 17.11.2023
LI.FI integrates with Swell

LI.FI integrates with Swell Network, a non-custodial ETH liquid staking protocol, and has integrated LI.FI’s zap feature! With the integration, users can zap any asset they have on Ethereum to receive SWETH and start earning staking yield. 

Improved User Experience: Swapping to SWETH Made Easy with LI.FI’s DEX Integration

Swell users no longer have to exit the platform to find a DEX for swETH swapping. By utilizing LI.FI’s stack of seven leading DEXs on Ethereum, users can now make the switch to swETH conveniently and at the best possible rate.

Introducing Swell: The Future of Decentralized Finance

Swell is a non-custodial liquid staking protocol that is committed to creating the greatest liquid staking experience, making DeFi more accessible, and securing the future of Ethereum. Swell enables users to earn passive income by staking ETH, which earns blockchain rewards, and a yield-bearing LST, which can be held or used in the wider DeFi ecosystem to earn additional yield.

The Swell Labs was founded to create a liquid staking protocol. It enables Ethereum (ETH) holders to earn staking income without being restricted by capital requirements. Swell’s vision is to establish a more secure, decentralized, and transparent financial future that promotes economic freedom without bias or censorship.

Introducing LI.FI: The Ultimate DEX Aggregator and Bridge with Unmatched Smart Routing Features

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art bridge and DEX aggregator that can help you transfer your asset from one chain to another? Look no further than LI.FI. Its platform boasts smart routing capabilities. It can search for the most optimal route to move your asset from one chain to another. They support 13 bridges across 15+ EVM-compatible chains. It includes all DEX aggregators and DEXs on those chains, within a single solution that is available as an SDK, Widget, or API.

Making Web3 Accessible to the Masses: LI.FI Solution

LI.FI team is committed to making Web3 accessible. Not only to the next million users but also to the next million developers who will build on it. They have developed an SDK that serves as the ultimate cross-chain money lego, providing dApps with the ability to build on top of it or integrate it into their platforms.


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