ISLM Now on TokenPocket

Published on: 29.11.2023
ISLM Now on TokenPocket

ISLM is now on TokenPocket a renowned multi-chain self-custodial wallet. This represents a substantial leap in Haqq’s mission to provide the global community with a comprehensive and Sharia-compliant financial tool.

TokenPocket’s broad influence, with over 3.5 million monthly active users in more than 200 countries, is in line with ISLM’s vision. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the ISLM community as it provides a convenient and effective means of managing digital assets.

Users can now seamlessly convert their ISLM into stablecoins like $USDC directly in the TokenPocket wallet, eliminating the need for centralized exchanges or bridges. This functionality is not just a feature; it’s a significant boost to our community, simplifying the process of diversifying their digital portfolios while staying true to Shariah principles.

Expanding ISLM’s Reach with a Mission-Driven Approach

ISLM’s mission-driven approach has been instrumental in expanding its reach across diverse communities and merchants. The recent integration of ISLM by Coinpayments, a top cryptocurrency payment solution provider, is a testament to this growth. With this integration, ISLM is now accessible to over 100,000 merchants worldwide, solidifying its position as a key player in the world of Islamic digital finance.

Enhancing the Management of Your Digital Assets

Haqq Network understands how important it is to have a straightforward and accessible approach when it comes to handling your digital assets. To help you navigate this process, they’ve put together a concise guide. Its step-by-step instructions ensure that whether you want to import your current HAQQ wallet or establish a new one on TokenPocket, the process will be effortless and user-friendly.

Learn How to Create and Import a HAQQ Wallet:

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