Litentry enters SpaceID Ecosystem

Published on: 29.11.2023
Litentry enters SpaceID Ecosystem

Litentry enters SpaceID Ecosystem a universal name service builder network with a one-stop identity platform.

IdentityHub has recently integrated SpaceID’s SDK and completed domain resolution without any issues. This collaboration will allow both teams to elevate decentralized identity management within the Web3 ecosystem.

SPACE ID is developing a universal name service network that provides a convenient one-stop identity platform. This platform will allow users to discover, register, trade, and manage web3 domains. Additionally, developers across blockchains will have access to a Web3 Name SDK & API. The platform also offers a multi-chain name service that makes it easy for anyone to build and create a web3 identity.

The SPACE ID 3.0 platform empowers communities with robust resources to launch their desired Top-Level-Domain without requiring any development effort.

The Web3 Name SDK is equipped to support various TLDs like .eth, .lens, .crypto, .bnb, .arb, and the verified domains that are launched through the SPACE ID Toolkit. Additionally, it dynamically supports new TLDs as they are verified, ensuring seamless integration for domain name resolution and reverse resolution.

Litentry: Pioneering the Decentralized Identity Revolution

Litentry is at the forefront of the decentralized identity revolution, linking networks through a one-of-a-kind privacy-preserving Decentralized Identity system. Litentry strives to strengthen DID aggregation, verification, and utility for the future of digital identity.

Litentry is a revolutionary cross-chain identity aggregator that empowers users to link their identities in a secure and private context. Its objective is to provide users with complete control over their data and enable them to receive social and economic benefits. Its protocol has numerous applications, including on-chain reputation, governance, DeFi, and customized data services.

The Litentry platform is revolutionizing identity-based social and economic innovations by unlocking verifiable personal data securely and privately.

LIT is the native cryptocurrency of the Litentry, including Litmus parachain on Kusama and Litentry parachain on Polkadot with the following utilities:

  • Pay transaction fees in the network.
  • Incentivize collators and fund promotion campaigns to support Litentry parachain
  • Empower governance mechanisms in the chain, including proposing referendums, the election of council members, voting in a referendum, etc.
  • Serve as the utility token for identity products or services.
  • Collator staking
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