Radiant Partnership with Vaultka

Published on: 29.11.2023
Radiant Partnership with Vaultka

Radiant partnership with Vaultka has been announced. Teaming up for a game-changing collaboration, Vaultka and Radiant Capital are revolutionizing Vaultka Lending! This partnership brings new opportunities for lenders, enhancing yields and ensuring a safeguarded base yield.

Radiant is a leading omnichain money market platform that offers lending and borrowing activities on Arbitrum. With over 200,000 users and a total locked value (TVL) of more than 340 million dollars across multiple chains, Radiant is quickly establishing itself as an industry leader.

The Crucial Role of Lenders and Benefits for Borrowers on Radiant

On Radiant, lenders play a crucial role in providing liquidity to the platform and actively contributing to its functionality. Meanwhile, borrowers can take advantage of the platform’s unique feature by withdrawing against collateralized assets. It allows them to secure working capital without having to liquidate their assets or close their positions.

Maximizing Yield with Radiant by Utilizing Idle Lending Capital

By collaborating with Radiant’s lending services, Vaultka can allocate its untapped lending capital to Radiant’s complementary lending vault, resulting in an optimized yield.

  • User deposits in Vaultka’s lending pool trigger seamless fund deposits to Radiant for additional lending interest.
  • Leverage users initiating positions in strategic vaults prompt Vaultka to withdraw lending funds from Radiant to finance positions in the underlying protocol.
  • Lenders’ withdrawals result in Vaultka withdrawing lending funds from Radiant to fulfill user requests.
  • The integration will start with Vaultka USDC.e lending pool. More lending pools are queued for integration.

Maximize Your Earnings: Radiant Offers Additional 3% Yield to Lenders

By depositing your idle lending capital into Radiant, you can receive an additional approximate 3% yield on top of the profit sharing and incentives that are already being offered by Vaultka. This bonus yield is intended to enhance the appeal of lending pools and benefit lenders, without compromising their risk exposure.

  • In the existing reward split model, lenders’ rewards are influenced by the lending pools’ utilization rate.
  • This base yield protection preserves the potential upside of reward splits from strategic vaults while adding an extra layer to ensure lenders receive a minimum reward.

Radiant and USDC.e Lending Pool Integration: A Gateway to Further Collaborations

The integration of the USDC.e lending pool is just the beginning of Vaultka’s partnership with Radiant. This milestone unlocks the potential for future integrations, which could involve not only other alt-coin lending pools, but also possible integrations with dLP and RDNT rewards for lenders.

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