ScoreDetect partners with SKALE

Published on: 06.12.2023
ScoreDetect partners with SKALE Network

ScoreDetect partners with SKALE Network to revolutionize Data Provenance with Blockchain Technology.

In an age where data reigns supreme, the digital arena is inundated with information. Consequently, establishing trust in digital data has never been more critical. Excitingly, SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network, has announced the launch of ScoreDetect, a project aimed at revolutionizing data provenance management and verification, now available on SKALE!

Introducing ScoreDetect: The Platform That Revolutionizes Data Verification and Authentication

ScoreDetect is an innovative platform that provides a permanent layer for data provenance. It allows systems and authorities to independently verify data authenticity. Its applications are wide-ranging, spanning from law, supply chain management, insurance, marketing, and more. The ScoreDetect platform is more than just a business tool; it is a pioneering venture into the B2C market. This market is traditionally dominated by B2B due to high customer acquisition costs, but ScoreDetect has shown that it’s possible to break the mold.

Strategic Partnership Between ScoreDetect and SKALE Network

ScoreDetect’s decision to integrate with the SKALE Network was well thought out. SKALE’s zero gas architecture is a standout feature. Additionally, SKALE’s reputation as the world’s fastest blockchain network and its customizable chain configuration. Make it the perfect blockchain layer for ScoreDetect. The growing network of reputable entities within the SKALE ecosystem further cements this partnership as a crucial step toward a secure digital future.

 “SKALE revolutionizes the game with zero gas fees, slashing overhead costs and allowing us to offer a ‘free trial’ subscription model without incurring costs to the business in the early stage; as well as offering a quick finality for the user. There is also a growing network of highly reputable entities in the ecosystem.” — Michael Sumner from ScoreDetect

As ScoreDetect sets forth on its exciting journey with the SKALE Network, the potential for dependable and efficient data verification appears limitless. In just 20 seconds and at no cost, users can now generate a verification certificate. Setting ScoreDetect apart from its competitors. These benefits of both affordability and speed make ScoreDetect the preferred option for verification, as opposed to the slower and more expensive services offered by competitors.

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