Uquid partners with Assure Pro

Published on: 12.12.2023
Uquid partners with Assure Pro

Uquid partners with Assure Pro! Embark on a groundbreaking journey as ASCoin (Formerly Assure) Wallet proudly integrates Uquid DApp into its dynamic ecosystem.

The ASCoin Wallet and Uquid DApp: A Technological Powerhouse Collaboration

This collaboration marks more than a mere listing – it’s a union of two technological powerhouses, offering users an unparalleled Web3 experience. ASCoin Wallet, known for its 1st Gateway to Web3 and innovative features, has joined forces with Uquid DApp, revolutionizing convenience, choice, and security in the cryptocurrency world. Experience the transformation of digital transactions with the synergy of ASCoin and Uquid at the forefront.

Uquid Shop: The Leading Web3 Platform for Crypto Payments

Uquid Shop has emerged as the top shopping platform in the Web3 world by providing users with a unique shop-to-earn experience. With over 160 million products from more than 200 countries, users can purchase items using various cryptocurrencies. Uquid Shop is currently supported on multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum (ERC-20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), Polygon, Tron, and Near. Additionally, they are constantly upgrading their shopping infrastructure to offer unique features such as Buy Now Pay Later (Payin3) in Crypto and First $1 Shop in Crypto World. Uquid Shop is dedicated to driving cryptocurrency adoption worldwide.

Introducing ASCoin Wallet: Your Ultimate Web3 Connectivity Solution

In keeping with the shopping revolution on Uquid shop, ASCoin Wallet is leading the way in Web3 connectivity. As a gateway to multiple blockchain networks, it offers users easy access to top exchanges like Binance and MEXC with just one address. But this wallet is more than just a cryptocurrency wallet. It goes beyond the conventional boundaries by integrating DeFi and CeFi functionalities. This makes ASCoin an ideal companion for anyone exploring the Web3 space.

ASCoin Wallet, the 1st Gateway to Web3, offers a private chat feature for secure communication and asset transfers, and aligns with Uquid’s mission to lower barriers to blockchain adoption, creating a user-centric wallet and innovative shopping platform synergy.

Key Benefits for Users

  • Ultimate Convenience: Integration with a single address streamlines transactions, saving users time and effort.
  • Diverse Choices: Integrating Uquid DApp on ASCoin Wallet opens the door to a vast array of products and services, enriching the user’s selection.
  • Safety and Security: ASCoin Wallet prioritizes robust security, providing users with a safe environment for online shopping and financial transactions.

Revolutionary Partnership between ASCoin Wallet and Uquid DApp

The collaboration between ASCoin Wallet and Uquid DApp is set to usher in a new era of innovation. Both parties are dedicated to constant growth, providing users with an ever-changing and vibrant Web3 experience. As technology continues to advance, their partnership will explore fresh features and opportunities to enhance the overall ecosystem.


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