What is Limestone?

Published on: 14.12.2023
What is Limestone?

What is Limestone? Limestone is a next-generation yield aggregator built on Arbitrum and designed to earn you the most out of your assets.

With Limestone, you can benefit from advanced strategies that increase yields and offer higher returns compared to traditional auto-compounding methods, thereby providing a significant boost to your assets.

By staking your assets, the Limestone team will assume responsibility for the challenging tasks ahead.

Limestone Vaults: The Key to Maximizing Asset Earnings

Limestone’s primary service offering is its vaults. Utilize Limestone Vaults to optimize your assets’ yields through high-yield optimization strategies and earn the most from your investments.

The concept of yield optimization is reimagined with Limestone as compared to traditional yield optimizers that typically auto compound. Limestone, on the other hand, directs the yield into other auto-compounding vaults for deposit.

As a farmer, this approach offers a better alternative to auto-compounding funds into the same pool. By earning yield on yield, you can gain risk-free exposure to even higher yields.

Consider the following scenario:

  • You currently hold a USDC/ETH LP position on Ramses, earning an annual percentage yield (APY) of 22% in RAM.
  • If there is a RAM/ETH LP pool available that rewards an APY of 300%, it could be a lucrative opportunity to explore.

Boost Your Earnings with Limestone’s Auto Compounding Protocol!

As a farmer in the traditional auto compounding protocol, the 22% APR would earn you roughly 24.5994% APY. However, with Limestone, you can earn much more than that. Its vaults provide access to the rewards of the RAM/ETH LP pool, resulting in even higher earnings.

Rather than selling the RAM earned, Limestone proposes a more lucrative alternative. The RAM/ETH LPs will be generated and deposited into an auto-compounding vault, thereby converting the RAM/ETH APR to 1884% APY, resulting in a significant increase to your earnings of 138% APY.

Introducing the L3 Token: A Profit-sharing Incentive for Limestone Protocol

The L3 Token is the profit-sharing and incentives token for the Limestone protocol. You can now earn a portion of the fees generated by Limestone’s vaults by holding L3 tokens. Unlike other tokens, L3 does not have a supply cap. Instead, the supply is determined by the protocol’s profitability.

Whenever a vault generates a profit for the protocol, L3 tokens are minted to incentivize the vault. This model prioritizes efficiency by enabling the protocol to allocate resources automatically to profitable vaults, avoiding the wastage of incentives on unproductive ones.

A vault’s token minting is determined by the total profit and the rate of L3 tokens per 1 ETH in protocol profit, beginning at a rate of 180 L3 tokens for 90 days. Emissions will decay at a rate of 1.5% per week after this period to avoid permanent printing of rewards, diluting the supply over time.

Understanding L3 Farming

Participating in L3 farming is a straightforward process that involves depositing funds into one of Limestone’s vaults. As soon as you make a deposit, you’ll begin receiving rewards.

Rewards issued by the vaults are vested for 90 days. Once the vesting period elapses, you can claim 100% of your L3 tokens. However, there’s also an option to receive all of your rewards instantly, subject to a 50% penalty. This penalty is then distributed back to L3 holders who have locked their tokens in the profit-sharing contract.

Limestone also offers a vault for L3/ETH LP tokens. Although this vault does not auto compound, it is automatically incentivized by the protocol, earning 5% of all L3 tokens minted from performance fees.

Moreover, vested L3 tokens automatically earn performance fees, giving you full exposure to the profit-sharing system while your tokens are vesting.

Introducing L3 Profit share

Limestone’s profit-sharing contract offers L3 token holders the opportunity to earn from protocol-generated performances. The rewards are in ETH and do not require L3 tokens to be locked to be earned.

However, L3 holders who opt to lock their tokens can earn more than just ETH. By doing so, they also receive additional L3 tokens generated from the -50% vesting penalties imposed on users who exit their vesting period early.

Introduction to Initial Vaults

Limestone will kick off its launch by establishing vaults on top of Ramses, where users can deposit their Ramses Gamma LP token receipts and start earning. Limestone is also introducing an L3/ETH vault that lets you earn L3 for providing L3 liquidity on Ramses. To promote the development of a protocol veNFT, Limestone will devote 25% of its treasury revenue to purchasing and locking RAM tokens during the first two weeks.

Ensuring Maximum Safety and Security with Limestone

At Limestone, the safety of your assets is their top priority. They’ve put various measures in place to ensure that you can earn the most from your investments while keeping them secure.

Their team goes the extra mile to ensure the efficacy of every strategy they employ. They simulate each one’s use on the actual network to ensure that everything runs smoothly and optimally.

Limestone vaults are equipped with a whitelist system that prevents potential threat smart contracts from interfering with Limestone. This system also enables integrations to be built on top of Limestone while offering security from flash loan attacks and encouraging innovation.

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