Hamster collaborates with Tanssi

Published on: 19.12.2023
Hamster collaborates with Tanssi

Hamster collaborates with Tanssi to enhance Web3 through the integration of Appchain and AI technology.

Tanssi and Hamster Collaborate to Boost Web3 Development

Tanssi, the appchain infrastructure protocol, has teamed up with Hamster’s AI-enabled modular blockchain development platform to integrate Tanssi Testnet Dancebox. This joint effort aims to enhance the development experience in Web3 by leveraging Tanssi’s appchain deployment infrastructure and Hamster’s AI-integrated modular blockchain development capabilities.

Hamster is one of the pioneers in implementing AI-enhanced Web3 modular blockchain development protocols. Their comprehensive one-stop modular blockchain development ecosystem includes multi-language code templates and tools for multi-chain and multi-language development. Hamster also offers secure auto-deployment and real-time monitoring.

Integrating Tanssi’s appchain into Hamster’s dashboard is aimed at improving and simplifying blockchain development processes to benefit their community of developers. By leveraging the interoperability of Polkadot and the adaptability of Substrate, along with Tanssi’s ContainerChains’ specialized testing capabilities, blockchain communication and data exchange can be enhanced.

The partnership between Hamster and Tanssi’s appchain endeavors to augment the development process in various ways:

  • Hamster’s Developer Services: Providing tools for blockchain development, including management features like version control and workflow management. It supports the development, deployment, and management of DApps(Both Smart contract and Frontend). It also aids multi-chain development, offering templates and sample codes for various blockchain ecosystems.

  • Tanssi’s ContainerChains: Tanssi introduces ContainerChains, which makes appchain deployment more efficient and developer friendly. ContainerChains significantly reduce appchain deployment time from months to just under a few hours and includes various services like access to infrastructure resources, collation, data retrieval, key integrations, and cross-chain communication support. Utilizing the Substrate framework, known for its customizability, Tanssi simplifies this with pre-built templates.

  • Security and Interoperability: Tanssi’s protocol leverages the Polkadot relay chain for shared security and interoperability, and the audited code templates and built-in automated security check and analysis tools provided by Hamster are another safeguard. These are important for secure and efficient decentralized application development, emphasizing key web3 values like decentralization and governance.

Hamster’s partnership with Tanssi is more than just a technical integration. It has the potential to greatly enhance Tanssi’s ecosystem by introducing a wider range of perspectives, skills, and innovative ideas. By integrating Tanssi’s appchain solutions, Hamster can help facilitate the advancement and diversity of Web3 applications. This mix of communities and technologies will broaden both ecosystem’s scope and impact, leading to exciting possibilities for the future.

We are thrilled to embark on this collaboration with Hamster, as it marks a pivotal step towards enhancing the developer experience in appchains. By integrating Dancebox into Hamster’s AI-enabled modular blockchain development environment, we are poised to facilitate the creation of more sophisticated Web3 applications with heightened functionalities. Working alongside Hamster, we look forward to leveraging our combined expertise to streamline blockchain development processes and foster a vibrant ecosystem. This collaboration not only amplifies our technical capabilities but also enriches our community with diverse perspectives and innovative ideas, driving the advancement of Web3 applications to new heights.”Christine Lee, Tanssi Ecosystem Development Lead

Hamster and Tanssi Collaborate to Offer Isolated Environments for Developing and Testing Blockchain Applications

Hamster’s recent collaboration with Tanssi has enabled them to provide isolated environments for developing and testing blockchain applications. This approach ensures accuracy and reliability, improving the overall deployment process while minimizing errors. Moreover, the use of appchains has allowed Hamster to create dedicated blockchain environments tailored to specific applications. This feature offers clients more customized services, enhances performance, and optimizes resource allocation. Overall, the collaboration between Hamster and Tanssi has provided substantial benefits.

“We are incredibly excited about our collaboration with Tanssi, as we firmly believe in the immense potential of appchains to further develop the Web3 landscape. Witnessing the rapid growth of Web3 gaming applications has underscored the increasing demand for sophisticated and powerful decentralized applications. With Tanssi’s expertise, we see appchains as pivotal enablers for unlocking these advanced functionalities and delivering exceptional user experiences. Tanssi’s solution not only lowers the access barrier to application development significantly but also upholds the critical principles of security and decentralization, aligning perfectly with our vision for the future of Web3. Together, we aim to drive forward the evolution of Web3 applications, making them more accessible, secure, and impactful for users across the globe.” Liam Leung, Hamster CTO


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