Granted partners with SKALE Network

Published on: 27.12.2023
Granted partners with SKALE Network

Granted partners with SKALE Network to provide opportunities for applications across web3 to find funding and a blockchain home to thrive on.

The Mission of Granted: Providing Strategic Grant Funding for the Web3 Ecosystem

Granted was founded to provide strategic grant funding to support the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. Their team offers expedited and preferred application processing services to businesses at any stage of development, ensuring they receive the funding they require.

Beyond application processing, Granted also provides application optimization, blockchain tech-integration, and access to their innovative Granted Fundraising Nexus platform. This platform streamlines milestone management, centralized communication, application analytics, and application status updates. The partnership with SKALE reveals a shared vision of supporting Web3/blockchain projects with strategic funding and technological excellence.

SKALE offers exceptional blockchain solutions, making it a great partner for Granted. Some of the benefits of SKALE include:

  • Zero Gas Fees: This feature significantly reduces the cost barrier for transactions on the blockchain.
  • Instant Finality: Transactions on SKALE are completed swiftly, enhancing efficiency.
  • World’s Fastest Blockchain NetworkSKALE’s speed is unparalleled, ensuring rapid processing and scalability.
  • Extensive User Base: With over 3 million users in the last 30 days and a record of over 30 million transactions, SKALE’s network is both robust and reliable.
  • Gaming Dominance: SKALE boasts 5 of the top 25 games on DappRadar in terms of daily usage and was featured by CoinGecko as the most utilized blockchain gaming network, highlighting its appeal in the gaming sector.

 “We are excited to partner with SKALE, to grow the SKALEverse ecosystem and provide funding to projects building on their blockchain. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to offer strategic grant funding opportunities from the most valuable grant programs in Web3, of which SKALE is one of the fastest growing. Our proprietary Fundraising Nexus will now be able to leverage SKALE’s remarkable features, bringing immense value to our users.”—Benjamin Sullivan, Co-Founder of Granted

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