Lasmeta partners with XWG Games

Published on: 27.12.2023
Lasmeta partners with XWG Games

Lasmeta partners with XWG Games, the pioneer in the Web3 gaming sector with its innovative cross-game and cross-play infrastructure.

X World Games: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Gaming

Leading the way in the Web3 gaming sector, X World Games is a trailblazer with a fresh perspective on cross-play infrastructure. This innovation is based on two core components: the X Swap and the X Marketplace, both enhanced by the power of AI.

Introducing X Swap: A Revolutionary Platform for Decentralized Finance

X Swap is a cutting-edge platform that supports decentralized finance (DeFi) and LSDfi mechanisms, including NFT staking. The platform leverages the power of AI to create a high-performance platform with unmatched offerings. X Swap’s AI-driven approach provides players and investors with creative and efficient financial solutions, enhancing their gaming and investment experiences.

X Marketplace: Revolutionizing NFT Trading with AI Algorithms

The X Marketplace is a dynamic NFT trading platform that employs AI algorithms for user-asset matching. This unique approach enhances the trading experience by providing a streamlined and efficient platform for digital transactions. As a result, users – whether they are collectors, gamers, or creators – can explore a world of possibilities in the NFT space with confidence and ease.

X World Games aims to create a scalable and equitable Web3 gaming ecosystem by supporting multi-chain and cross-game NFTs, establishing themselves as leaders of the sector.

Igniting Possibilities through Partnership

LasMeta and X World Games have joined forces, merging two innovative technologies – AI and NFTs – in a virtual reality environment. This collaboration offers a unique gaming experience where players can trade NFTs effortlessly, dive into the world of blockchain, and enjoy the finest poker gaming experience. With LasMeta’s dedication to expanding the limits of AI-driven VR poker and X World Games’ groundbreaking approach to Web3 gaming, this partnership is destined to be extraordinary.


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