FIO will join Metamask

Published on: 22.01.2024
FIO will join Metamask

FIO will join Metamask to allow users to gain access to all the features of the FIO Protocol. Metamask stands as the preeminent web3 wallet with over 30 million monthly active users. It is widely accepted as the standard gateway for accessing web-based decentralized applications, with nearly every EVM-based dapp integrating support for it.

FIO Protocol: Simplifying Crypto Transactions for Users

The FIO Protocol is a game-changer when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions. It allows users to create a custom and censorship resistant FIO Handle, which replaces the need for complicated public wallet addresses. This applies to all tokens across all blockchain platforms. FIO Requests also enable privacy-preserving payment requests, similar to Venmo. Additionally, FIO offers other features, including crypto transaction meta data and NFT signatures.

Introducing FIO Wallet Snap: The Convenient Solution for MetaMask Users

FIO Wallet Snap is on the way, and it’s set to revolutionize the way MetaMask users handle their FIO identity. With no need to create new accounts or passwords, users can easily self-custody their FIO identity and gain access to the FIO App. This app allows users to register and link their FIO Handle, send and receive FIO Requests, FIO Tokens, and sign NFTs – all in one place.

Upcoming Feature: Use FIO Handles Instead of Complex Public Wallet Addresses with MetaMask

In the near future, MetaMask users will be able to use their FIO Handle instead of complex public wallet addresses to send any token that is supported by MetaMask.

FIO Foundation Wraps Up FIO Wallet Snap’s Development and Security Audit

The FIO Foundation has successfully concluded the development and security audit of the FIO Wallet Snap. The foundation is collaborating with the MetaMask team to make it available to the general public.

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