KEKKAI joined the Dmail Network

Published on: 22.01.2024
KEKKAI joined the Dmail Network

KEKKAI joined the Dmail Network. Through Dmail Network’s SubHub, KEKKAI will have direct access to Dmail’s community of over 5 million users. This collaboration allows KEKKAI to communicate crucial security updates, tips, and insights directly to users’ digital wallets and DIDs.

KEKKAI Joins Dmail Network’s SubHub Ecosystem to Bolster Web3 Security

Dmail is thrilled to announce that KEKKAI, a revolutionary Web 3.0 anti-fraud security solution, has partnered with Dmail Network as a part of its growing SubHub ecosystem. This partnership highlights its dedication to improving the security and dependability of the Web3 experience for all of its users.

Introducing KEKKAI: Leading the Way in Web3 Security

KEKKAI, headquartered in Japan, is transforming Web3 security with its consumer-centric solutions. Some of the key features are:

  • Comprehensive Security Solutions: Offering a browser extension and mobile application tailored to prevent fraud.
  • Multi-Chain Support: Functioning seamlessly across over 100 blockchain networks.
  • Building a Safe Web3 Environment: Providing a secure browsing and trading experience for all Web3 users.

KEKKAI’s goal is to provide a strong security layer for daily Web3 users. With creative solutions, it provides a firewall that is highly necessary for crypto trading, and a safe environment for navigating the Web3 universe.

KEKKAI Successes since Inception in February 2023

Since its establishment in February 2023, KEKKAI has accomplished the following goals:

  • Strong User Base: KEKKAI has attracted a weekly active user base of 20,000.
  • Strategic Wallet Partnerships: KEKKAI has partnered with Onekey and Coolwallet, integrating its security API to provide increased user protection.
Introducing KEKKAI to Dmail Network’s SubHub

Dmail is excited to announce that KEKKAI will have direct access to its 5 million user community through Dmail Network’s SubHub. This collaboration provides KEKKAI with an opportunity to communicate important security updates, tips, and insights directly to user’s digital wallets and DIDs.

The Dmail Network and KEKKAI have joined forces to tackle one of the most imperative elements of the Web3 ecosystem: SECURITY. Their collaborative partnership aims to provide a secure and protected online environment for users, enabling them to leverage the advantages of blockchain technology with confidence.

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