Rango Exchange Partners with Braavos

Published on: 22.01.2024
Rango Exchange Partners with Braavos

Rango Exchange partners with Braavos, the next generation of wallets made for an intuitive and safe start in crypto. Rango’s integration of Braavos Wallet improves the user experience for swaps and bridges within the Starknet ecosystem.

Exploring Braavos Wallet: A Secure and User-Friendly Smart Contract Wallet

Take a closer look at what Braavos Wallet has to offer. It’s not just any ordinary wallet. Rather, it’s a smart contract wallet that delivers both security and ease of use when accessing Starknet and other Dapps. Starknet, on the other hand, is a decentralized layer-2 network that revolutionizes Ethereum by enabling secure scaling while giving Dapps the freedom to scale transactions and computation infinitely.

Why Braavos Wallet is the Smart Choice for Secure Transactions on Starknet

Braavos Wallet is a standout option for those looking for smart contract accounts with advanced functionalities. Among its many features are multi-call capabilities, hardware signers, multi-factor authentication, and daily withdrawal limits. With Braavos Wallet, interacting with Starknet is a breeze.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Braavos Wallet for all your transaction needs:

  1. Unrivaled Security
    Braavos Wallet ensures asset security using encryption, advanced security measures, 2FA, hardware signing, and 3FA. It also employs Starknet’s zk-STARK technology, providing low fees and scalability while maintaining Ethereum’s security and decentralization.
  2. User-Friendly Interface
    Braavos Wallet has an intuitive and visually pleasing interface that simplifies asset management and transaction execution for crypto enthusiasts. It offers a hassle-free onboarding experience through a comprehensive walkthrough.
  3.  Cross-Platform and Devices Compatibility
    Braavos Wallet is a Starknet-compatible digital wallet that offers cross-platform functionality, allowing users to manage their cryptocurrencies seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms.
  4. Human-Readable Transactions
    Braavos Wallet solves the confusion of crypto transactions by presenting transaction details in a human-readable format to reduce the risk of errors and phishing attacks while empowering users to make informed decisions.
  5. Integrated Decentralized Exchange (DEX) & Deposit Section
    Braavos Wallet has a decentralized exchange (DEX) feature, allowing users to swap tokens without leaving the wallet or connecting to external exchanges. This reduces potential errors, saves time and mitigates risks. The Deposit section helps bridge assets from other chains into Starknet using Braavos Wallet.

The Integration of Braavos Wallet by Rango: A Revolutionary Move

As Rango Exchange forges a partnership with Braavos Wallet, its users stand to gain substantial benefits stemming from the respective strengths of both platforms in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Maximizing Liquidity and Rates with Rango Exchange

By consolidating DEXes and bridges on a single platform, Rango Exchange is able to offer its users optimal rates and liquidity. What’s more, users can take advantage of cross-chain liquidity from other supported blockchain networks without the hassle of using multiple platforms or interfaces.

Secure and Simple Token Swapping with Rango Exchange and Braavos Wallet

Rango Exchange and Braavos Wallet offer a secure and easy way to swap tokens. Users can sign off on their transactions with Braavos Wallet without revealing their private keys or seed phrases. This integration eliminates the requirement for additional software or extensions. Plus, Braavos Wallet can be used seamlessly on any device or browser.

A New Era for the Starknet Ecosystem with Rango Exchange and Braavos Wallet

Rango Exchange and Braavos Wallet are partnering up to bring users an unparalleled level of ease and efficiency when swapping and bridging tokens. This collaboration marks an exciting development for the Starknet ecosystem, as users can now benefit from the system’s scalability and security, as well as the best rates and liquidity offered by Rango Exchange.

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