Magic partners with zkSync

Published on: 04.02.2024
Magic partners with zkSync

Magic partners with zkSync the Layer 2 protocol scaling Ethereum with revolutionary zero-knowledge cryptography (ZK-tech). Magic Labs understands that the path toward achieving mainstream adoption of Web3 is a challenging journey marked by intricate technicalities and complex concepts. Nonetheless, the boundless potential of Web3 makes every milestone towards accessibility a noteworthy accomplishment.

Onboarding Users to Complex Technologies with Magic

The Magic Labs have created over 25 million wallets for some of the biggest names in Web2 and Web3, like Mattel, Macy’s, Immutable, and Decentraland. This firsthand experience has allowed them to understand the challenges of introducing users to a complex digital world. At Magic, they also recognize the value of seamless experiences, making even the most intricate technology feel as intuitive as checking your email.

Empowering User Experience and Accessibility with Matter Labs’ zkSync Technology

Magic Labs is also partners with Matter Labs, an innovative software development, engineering, and cryptography company that is dedicated to expanding user accessibility. With zkSync’s proven ZK Stack technology, they can unlock unrivaled speed and performance while still maintaining Ethereum’s fundamental principles of security, decentralization, and user sovereignty. Together, they have created a powerful toolkit that can overcome technical obstacles and create seamless entry points for DeFi, NFTs, and the limitless possibilities of blockchain.

“Magic is the perfect launchpad for our journey to mass adoption. Their proven track record in simplifying onboarding and user experience expertise for some of the most well-known Web3 and Web2 brands makes them an invaluable partner. Together, we’re building the launchpad for a truly inclusive and vibrant Web3 future.“— Marco Cora, senior vice president of business and operations at Matter Labs

Creating a Vision of Empowerment and Inclusion Through zkSync

Magic’s goal is not just to simplify the process, but to provide a platform that encourages creativity and inclusivity. Consider a scenario where developers are free from technical limitations, allowing them to develop innovative Web3 applications that truly empower users. Imagine individuals who are unencumbered by daunting fees and complexity, confidently immersing themselves in the Web3 world and experiencing its transformational power. This is the vision that zkSync community is striving to achieve.

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