Function X partners with Axelar

Published on: 16.02.2024
Function X partners with Axelar

Function X partners with Axelar to bring cross-chain interoperability to f(x)Core blockchain. With this integration, there are direct routes between both chains without going through the Cosmos Hub.

Axelar provides seamless integration across more than 50 blockchain networks, delivering decentralized security and unrestricted programmability. This platform has garnered acclaim from major corporations like Microsoft, establishing itself as a vital resource for integrating off-chain infrastructures with on-chain networks. Axelar’s innovative technologies have been instrumental in the advancement of composable USDC, a collaboration that merges Axelar’s General message-passing technology with Circle’s CCTP protocol.

Integration Functions

The collaboration between f(x)Core and Axelar marks a crucial achievement for Function X, enabling users to access a wider range of on-chain assets and liquidity. This integration not only streamlines cross-chain operations but also elevates user engagement with Function X and the wider blockchain network.

For the next step, Function X will bridge the wrapped assets from Axelar to f(x)Core and explore the possibilities of integration with applications on Axelar.

Axelar stands as the foremost Web3 interoperability platform, facilitating connectivity among more than 50 blockchains through a secure and programmable network. Positioned as the internet infrastructure for upcoming super applications worldwide, Axelar caters to a diverse array of partners, from Uniswap to Microsoft, empowering them with scalable cross-chain solutions. Users benefit from seamless interaction with various assets through a single click. Developers enjoy the flexibility of working across multiple blockchains as if they were developing on a unified platform, supported by a user-friendly API and an open ecosystem of tools and service providers. Noteworthy backers of Axelar include Binance, Coinbase, Dragonfly, Galaxy, and Polychain.

The Function X Foundation is an autonomous non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the expansion of the Function X Ecosystem. This innovative framework represents a cutting-edge internet service infrastructure designed exclusively for blockchain technology. By merging the strengths of conventional internet and blockchain structures while incorporating widely adopted technical solutions, the Function X Ecosystem introduces a pioneering service framework. The Foundation’s primary objective is to oversee the allocation of the Ecosystem Genesis Fund, aimed at incentivizing and supporting service providers in integrating and establishing themselves within the Function X Ecosystem.

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